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Hi Angela

I have been on bedrest for 3 weeks now in a hospital room.  Luckly I do have my own room, rather than being on a ward.  I also have my own bathroom so it's not too bad.  But I am lonely.  My husband and son can only visit a few times a week and visiting hours are only from 2.30 to 4pm so not a long time.  Your website is keeping me sane for now!

I am 25 weeks in a couple of days so i am hoping they might let me home to do bedrest there.  I think I will feel safer in the hospital but I miss my home comforts and my family!


I was on bedrest for almost three weeks in a hospital room, and it was not that bad. I had my own room and bathroom, tv, dvd and laptop so I was able to do different things, still I would get bored sometimes, and the days were going very slow. (I had a clock in front on my bed to remind me the time) I will be on bedrest at home for three weeks and then I will go back to the hospital until the end of my pregnancy. My days are going a lot faster at home

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