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So, here's an update. I am 34 weeks, and have been off of modified bed rest for about 6 weeks. My cerclage is still in. I started cramping (menstrual like cramps) at 30 weeks, and round ligament pain at 31 weeks, and now at 34 weeks my cervix is funneling to the stitch.

I'm scheduled to have my cerclage taken out June 28th (at 37 weeks), and we are hoping everything "holds" until then. I was not ordered back on bed rest even with the funneling cervix.

I'll let you know what happens!

I have the SAME exact situation. I am 34 weeks pregnant, funneling to the stitch (doctor said the stitch is the only thing holding my baby in), and I have my cerclage removal June 28th.
My doctor told me that he thinks the labor won't be far off from the cerclage removal, but there's always a chance that my cervix could not dilate properly due to scar tissue. This is my first birth and first cerclage, but from everything I read.. it can happen fairly quickly (within 24 hours), or you can hold the baby for weeks.

My neighbor funneled to the stitch, and had her baby a week after the cerclage removal.

I guess all we can do is wait and see!

Good news! It's been 5 weeks since the cerclage and my cervix has gone from a length of 2.3 cm to 3.8! I'm still taking it easy, but since the improvement I have been walking more. I'm even able to walk the dog on a short stroll! :) my husband has to constantly remind me to take it easy, but with the low activity it seems to be helping!

I'd like to add a note. I spoke with my United Health Care nurse yesterday and she recommended a modified bed rest or decreased activity until the pregnancy is viable at 24 weeks. However, speaking to my friend who is a NICU nurse, she said that 24 weeks is too soon (statistics show 40% success rate and less than 2 pound birth weight.) The baby is much safer if I can limit my activities until 27 weeks, when the baby has an 80% chance of survival and higher birth weight. Then.. As the nurse suggested, I can see where my cervix is and possibly gradually introduce more activity such as grocery shopping.

Other women in my situation with modified bed rest have mentioned some of the following:
- No more than 15-30 minutes of standing at one time
- Limited stair climbing
- NO exercise
- Limited or no sex
- Limited chores. (For example.. 15 minutes of doing the dishes, then rest. No vacuuming or active chores)
- Keep feet elevated at least 2 hours in the day
- Showering and bathing is ok, just remember the standing rule. Rest after if you took a long shower. Put makeup on while sitting, and same with hair and teeth brushing if you can manage.
- Walking into stores only if you are parked close or hubby drops you off. Then sit down ASAP. Limited shopping.
- No pushing or pulling
- Lift weight up tp 5-10 pounds. No more.
- Swimming is controversial, but many doctors say it is ok. Private pools are best as they are cleaner.

I'm going to follow this regime until at least 27 weeks to be safe. There are a couple fitness DVD's online for working out in bed. One is called BedRest Fitness and one is called Yoga in bed. I'll see how these are, and sell my other prenatal workout DVD's.

Thank you Lori! I just went to the perinatologist today (1 week after my cerclage). My cervix has apparently improved, and has thickened to 3cm. The stitch looks great, and everything else is going really well! The doctor said I can resume all normal activities including exercise and sex. Just to be on the safe side, I will take it easy and look into non cervical weight bearing, gentle exercise.
From many of the forums I am reading, it looks like many women go on and off bed rest depending on their current cervical status. I have read cases of the cervix improving, and thinning out again. Back and forth...
 I would assume that if my cervix thins out again or goes below 2cm, I will have to change my activity level. I will keep you updated!

Thank you LoransMommy!

I posted another post in pregnancy complications. I am 18 weeks and supposed to have a cerclage this week. My cervix is at 2.3 cm and my doctor and nurse said I can go back to work without restrictions after the surgery. I was just laid off this week, so I have the capability of being in bed rest. My nurse said they don't normally order bed rest unless the cervix is dialated or funneled. I want to do what's best for the baby.

Have you been put on bed rest for an incompetent cervix? Was it strict bed rest or modified? what did your doctor say?

Thank you!

My question: Is bed rest necessary for a shortened cervix??

I have a background of early miscarriages. This is my 7th pregnancy and I still have not had a child. I am now at 18 weeks for the first time ever and last week my doctor said my cervix is shortened to 2.3 cm. Again, I have never gotten this far along, so we have no idea what my cervix will do. I am going in for a cerclage this week and the nurse and doctor didn't say I would have to be put on bed rest. The nurse even said they don't prescribe bed rest unless I have funneling or dialation.

I am really concerned about this, because it is WAY TOO EARLY to deliver. I just got laid off last week also, so I am capable of being on bed rest if I have to. Everything I am reading online says I should probably be on bed rest.

Has anyone had success without bed rest? What have you heard about if and when you need bed rest for a shortened cervix? If you were put on bed rest for a shortened cervix was it strict bed rest or modified? I just want to do what's best for the baby.

Thank you!

P.S. Please only post relevant comments. Please only post if you have something to contribute. Thanks again.  ;D

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