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Hi, I was put on bedrest for "high risk" of preeclampsia just before week 31. I'm at 35 weeks now: 4 weeks down! I have been drinking a gallon of water every day (well, most days!), doing some modified exercises while lying down, and lying on my left side on the couch most of the time. I get up for meals and climb the stairs once/twice a day.
My OB says that although I am managing well with the bedrest, BP is good, amnio fluid good, the pre-e will worsen and I will need to be induced. Probably won't make it to full 40 weeks. Don't know if that helps the earlier poster, but my OB said it didn't matter what I did - although it's important to do what I can - but the pre-e will worsen.
I too try not to worry. Very difficult.
My tips, such as they are: hulu and netflix watch instantly for TV shows. Online scrabble.
Good luck everyone!!

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