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I started gushing blood at 11.5 weeks. You can read more about it on my blog I had a Placenta Accessory Lobe. By 16 weeks it seemed to seal itself up and the bleeding stopped. Several trips to the hospital later and scary times!

Have you had an ultraound? Does it show any clots? The advice to me was to take it easy and it would work itself out and it did! We are 20 weeks and my little boy is doing just fine!

Hi everyone, I have just registered!

I am 13 weeks and this is my third pregnancy. My first two had no complications. I started bleeding at 11.5 weeks heavily. I went to L&D and they saw that the baby was fine so they sent me home to wait it out and possibly miscarry. I spent 4 days on strict bed rest to stop the bleeding and it worked. However I was up and around for an hour at the end of day 4 and it came back. After the doc re-admitted me to the hospital I demanded a better ultrasound as my research had led me to believe that I had a Subchorionic Bleed. Unfortunately they found an Accessory Placental Lobe instead. A sort of second placenta hanging off the first that is bleeding and pulling and trying to take my pregnancy with it.

Baby has been good, great heartbeat and we are turning 13 weeks tomorrow. Has anyone had experience with this condition? They tell me that if I stay on bedrest the lobe may "seal up" and stop bleeding. The bleeding is gushing with clots when it happens, down to brown spotting. It is not the same as placenta previa. I am seeing my doc again on Tuesday and hope to know more about my high risk pregnancy and what I am in store for going forward.

My daughters are 5 and 2 and bedrest will be very interesting. I work for myself mostly via laptop so I know that I am lucky however there is no proof that bedrest will lead to a normal delivery and healthy baby for me.
Advice? thx!

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