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Hi there my name is Jennifer Spuler and I posted on here when I got put on home bed rest a little after 20 weeks when I started funneling down to my tvc cerclage and cervical length shortened to 2.3 cm.  I am now on hospital bed rest due to some trickling amniotic fluid I had Friday.  I figured I was being paranoid and was changing my undies a few times a day because the crouch was getting damp.  Not unusal when on p17 shots.  But I came to hospital and strip test on undies tested positive so they did fern test and that also came back positive.  So I was admitted and immediately started on magnesium 48 hour treatment although I wasn't felling any contractions I had a few show up on monitor.  And they gave me second dose of steroids last one was at 24 weeks I am 32 weeks now.  And I got iv antibiotics.  I have passed the 48 hour window and my Dr finally did ultrasound to check afi and baby and my afi was 12 and he couldn't find rupture.  So he thinks its a small one high up or on side and I am not leaking anymore.  They went ahead and still removed my cerclage to remove risk of infection since they are playing it safe and assuming I have partial rupture that may not have sealed.  Had some bright red bleeding right after but now is scant pink and brown spotting so happy for that.  My drs want me to hang out on hbr until 34 weeks.  They talked about the wimpy white boy syndrome so if we can we may try to stick it out until 35 weeks.  Either way please pray for my baby and me.  My 4 yr old has been with his grandma and hubby has been staying with me.  But he's going home tonight so it will be a change.  But my 4 yr old was sad to see my iv so glad they took it out and I am more normal with out the magnesium.  Any suggestions or ideas for hbr would be appreciated.  Thanks and love to all you wonderful gals.

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call for August 26
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I am 22 weeks today. Only 14 more days until 24 weeks.  Wednesday is when I will have my p17 shot and first ffn test. usually get my p17 shots on Monday but Dr pushed appt until Wed.  I was nervous about that as well as some other things but just keep praying and trying to remove all doubt from my mind.  I think I am going to bed hubby to get a tv in bedroom.  I get so bored sometimes.  And miss being able to play with my 4 yr old.  Been on bed rest since 20 weeks.

Hi ladies,  I want to introduce myself and tell my story.  I have a healthy sweet 4 yr old boy Kaleb that came
From easy pregnancy but rough labor and eventually had c section.  The two years later I got prego but
Never got heartbeat or miscarried naturally so at 11 weeks took cytotec  vaginally to misscarry.  Then a
Year later I got prego again.  About 15 weeks into pregnancy I had bad bleed during intercourse and  they
Found out I had a cervical polyp.  Few days later dr removed.  About 10 days later my water broke completely.  And I went into labor about 24 hours later at 17 weeks and delivered our angel boy Joshua.
Now I am 21 weeks pregnant with little boy and since bfp I have been on progesterone suppositories
To 12 weeks. And since bfp I have been on fragmin blood thinner for protein s deficiency.  Starting at week 16 I started p17 shots as well.  On Thursday at my last ultrasound and cervical check my cervix measured 2.3 cm and I was having some funneling down to my cerclage so ob placed me on bedrest at home.  At 12 weeks I had modified mcdonald tvc placed and so glad I did.  Now we know the true reason we lost Joshua to cervical weakness.  But I wonder if I should still be shortening and funneling.  My perinatologist who placed cerclage said he has seen it happen and stitch hold. Has anyone else had this issue? 

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