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Hi Angela

I have been on bedrest for 3 weeks now in a hospital room.  Luckly I do have my own room, rather than being on a ward.  I also have my own bathroom so it's not too bad.  But I am lonely.  My husband and son can only visit a few times a week and visiting hours are only from 2.30 to 4pm so not a long time.  Your website is keeping me sane for now!

I am 25 weeks in a couple of days so i am hoping they might let me home to do bedrest there.  I think I will feel safer in the hospital but I miss my home comforts and my family!


Hi Angela

I am from the UK and do you know they don't believe in stopping labour here?!  (well not in this hospital).  I am always reading latest research etc so i know in America they always use all these drugs to halt an early labour.  I asked my doctora bout this and she said they only use it here if a lady needed transported to another hospital for a NICU bed.  All very strange.  Why would the UK not use these drugs?

I came into hospital at 21 weeks.  If I went into labour now (24 weeks) they would not stop it.  They said they will be pleased if I make 26 weeks.

The differences in UK and USA medicine are quite huge in obstetrics.  I am very lucky to have got the Fetal Fibronectin test, only one hospital in the UK routinely use it whereas I know you all have it in the USA, is that so?

i guess a lot of the differences are in the fact that we have the NHS system and you all have to pay out there?

Anyway, just thought I would mention it! 


I just wanted to say I think your website is wonderful and so very informative.  It is helping me through my difficult time.
I am off to read your story now.  Well done on the site.  Excellent work. 

Flowerpot.  :D

thank you for posting your beautiful story!  well done.

i am shocked to know bedrest has that much effect on the body.  i have done 3 weeks now and feel ok.  do you mean if i was suddenly allowed to get up and go i would not be able to and physically i would be very weak?

thanks again!


I hope your daughter is doing ok.  As you ask for experience i can give you mine.

12 weeks - cervix measuring 3.8cm.

18 weeks - cervix meausring 2.8cm

21 weeks - cervix measuring 1.7cm.

22 weeks - cervix measuring 2.1cm.

23 weeks - cervix measuring 0.8cm and funnelling.

24 weeks - cevrvix measuring 2.1cm and not funnelling.

My case is probably very differnt to your daughters though.  I lost first baby at 23 weeks. Second baby was stitched in from 14 weeks and came at 35 weeks.  I was put on bedrest from 21 weeks with this pregnancy and it does seem to have stabilised things.

Good luck to your DD and you.


Hi Taryn

How are you getting on now?  How many weeks and days have you made it to?  I so hope that cerclage does it job and you can keep baby in safe.  Do let me know how you are doing!!  You are hopefully one week further along to that 24 week milestone.

I have a slightly similar story.  Lost first baby girl at 23 weeks.  Then had a son a few years later with thanks to cerclage and he came at 35 weeks. 

This pregnancy i was unable to get a cerclage so they scanned my cervix and at 21 weeks it started misbehaving so i was put on bedrest. Have done 3 weeks bedrest now.  Cervix is doing strange things, shortening and opening, then lengthening again etc.  God knows what is going on.

This baby is also my husbands first!

Good luck and keep posting.  I am keeping everything crossed for us both.


Hi there!
Thanks for asking.
Well things have improved.
Have been on bedrest for 3 weeks now.
I am 24+5 now so in a much better place.
Have had a few scans since admission and cervix is being strange.
I think I started off at 1.7cm, then i went up a tiny bit to 2.0cm then the next week i was down to 0.7cm and funnelling and then this week it was back up to 2.1c, and not funnelling?
I am confused!
However I got the steroid shots for the baby's lungs and I am now on slightly tilted bedrest.
I have no idea what is going on.  The fetal fibronectin test tehy did 2 weeks ago came back positive.
I do not know whether i will deliver soon or make it to over 30 weeks?  Doctors not sure either.
Whatever I am doing, it seems to be working.
So anyone else out there in the same situation - BEDREST DOES SEEM TO WORK!  Keep at it.


Dear Girls

I am new here.  I found this site via facebook, it looks like what I need.
I need some HOPE.


Lost first baby in 2005 at 23 weeks.  waters broke at 23+0, baby girl delivered at 23+5, died shortly after.
Then had 4 early miscarriages.
Then had a baby boy at 35 weeks with the help of heparin, aspirin and a cerclage which was placed at 14 weeks.

When I got pregnant this time I just assumed I would have a stitch again and all would be ok.  However stitch could not go in as placenta very low and covering the os which is where they need to put stitch.  So they scanned my cervix weekly recently and it went from 3something to 2something to 1.7.  So now I am on hospital bedrest.  Will it save my baby?  I know no one knows and time will tell.  But I am so scared, I cant' bear the thought of burying another little angel, I am only just over my daughter's death from 2005.

Has anyone had something similar and come out ok?  They are talking about how important it is to just get me to 24 weeks, that is 13 days away! 

Another scan tomorrow so I guess i will know more then but for now i am going mental.

thanks for reading.  any advice appreciated.


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