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Thank you Cswain. I'm glad we're both keeping these babies cooking.  When I was at 20 weeks right after the emergency cerclage, I was so scared I wasn't going to make it a week, but here I am 3 weeks later. I'm still praying for at least 26 weeks, but of course want to get further. I'm just trying to take it day by day. Good luck to us!!!

I will be 23 weeks along on Thursday. I was so scared when this all happened at 20 weeks with my bulging membranes and emergency cerclage. I'm still scared because I'm not at 26 weeks yet, but happy that I've gained another 3 weeks!! I live way out in the country,  so I'm 1 hour from my hospital and 2 hours from my second hospital where my fetal specialist doctor is and where they airlifted me for the cerclage. They said if the baby comes before 35 weeks they will send me back down 2 hours from our house. They said bedrest is so important. I was able to ask about exercise while in bed, but I'm only allowed to do upper body simple exercises. I'm 18 days into bedrest, and still not used to it, but trying so hard to be positive  about it. I'm a little worried about when we get all these medical bills. I'm just so happy my baby girl is doing well and growing! She is estimated at 1 pound 7 ounces as of yesterday!!

Hope you all are well!

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call for January 30, 2017
« on: January 31, 2017 at 07:46 AM »
Hello andi-pants,
Glad to hear your baby is doing well. How many weeks are you? I hope your doctor can give you some answers. I had an emergency cerclage at 20 weeks due to bulging membranes. I understand the bedrest now that I've been on it 18 days. Hang in there!!

Sorry to hear about your bleeding. I'm praying for you and your baby!

I had an appointment this Monday and last Wednesday. I will be 23 weeks along here in a couple of days. The baby has put on another 2 oz. since 5 days ago. They estimate her weight at 1 pound 7 ounces! They say my rescue cerclage stitches are holding, and my risk of infection has reduced significantly, but I'm still on the antibiotics for good measure. I'm also getting a weekly Makena progesterone shot. Due to my genetic bloodclotting disorder I've been on lovenox shots my entire pregnancy then they said I will get a steroid shot on my next appointment. Nothing but shots, but I'm used to it being an IVF patient. Bedrest is still hard to get used to, but I'm getting a lot of support from my family. I'm just happy to have made it yet another week!

Hello Cswain,

I had a similar situation. I had bulging membranes at 20 weeks and the sac had slipped some through my cervix. I had an emergency cerclage put in.  I'm now 22 weeks +3 and on bedrest.  I'm just praying to get to 26 weeks. Hope you are well.

I have a bed and a recliner chair, so I'm not chained to my bedroom. I always have my recliner reclined all the way back when I'm in it. I get up to use the bathroom and to take showers 2-3 times per week. I also was told not to sit all the way up to eat. My husband put a second recliner outside in our garage, so I can get some fresh air and sunshine on occasion. We have no stairs in our house,  but when my back feels sore, I sometimes lay down on the floor. Another thing that is so comforting are having my 4 dogs in the house with me. I wear compression socks during the day to prevent blood clots since I have a genetic bloodclotting disorder making me prone to bloodclotting. I try to turn and change my position often. I am tempted to do exercises in bed because I'm afraid of losing all my muscles. Do any of you do exercises in bed? I keep forgetting to ask my doctor. I'm always trying to think positive too.

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call for January 23, 2017
« on: January 23, 2017 at 11:50 PM »
What I'm hoping for the week is for everything to go smoothly,  so I can be 1 more week along. I am 21 weeks + 5 today. I have my first appointment with the maternal fetal specialist who put my emergency cerclage in 11 days ago on Wednesday. I'm hoping that goes well. I love feeling my little girl kick. I hope everyone is doing well.

Thanks Angelic,

I have another question. Do you have the occasional clear, wet discharge? I asked my doctor about it at my last appointment. He said it's normal to have it after the cerclage surgery. I haven't had it in nearly a week,  but it's back today and I'm having very mild cramping.

I hope your appointment on Wednesday goes well too. Thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for the encouragement Angelicjaz218, and welcome tcinks! You ladies are so brave. Thank you for sharing your story.  It's comforting knowing that others can identify with my struggles even though I wouldn't want anyone to have to go through this. I feel it's good to be positive. I go back to my maternal fetal specialist who put in the cerclage on Wednesday. I was wondering though, how long are you both on antibiotics? It seems like my OB and my surgeon are in disagreement about it,  but I will find out more on Wednesday. My OB also said I need to have a wheelchair to go to my weekly appointments in, but happy the doctor is taking it all so seriously. I'm following bedrest rules well, although half my time is spent in my recliner leaned all the way back, so I think that counts.

Hello Angelicjaz218,

I would love to be your friend. I'm pretty new to this forum  and have been reading a lot but not posting, so here's my story...

My husband and I have been trying for years to get pregnant, but when I was 28 I was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve and told I'd probably never be able to conceive naturally. We were devastated, but went through several cheap options for Fertility pills that didn't work, then moved onto artificial insemination which also didn't work. The doctor suggested we use a donors eggs. We waited more than 7 years because it is so expensive.

I'm now 37 and with a donors eggs last year, we had a missed miscarriage at 7.5 weeks. We tried again and got pregnant again. I'm currently 21 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.

It's just been a long journey, but 8 days ago I was airlifted to the hospital due to bulging membranes because of an incompetent cervix that we were unaware of. I had an emergency cerclage put in, spent 2 days in the hospital then was sent home on bedrest. This whole process has been nerve-wracking, but then this happened, so it's been hard not to worry at every move. Also, I'm a very active person and the realization of staying in bed for so long is difficult, but I'm doing this for her. If she makes it, we probably won't try to have more kids, so I'm just praying she makes it to at least 26 weeks.

I also wanted to say, thank you for starting this post because I need friends too. You're story touched me, and you have been through so much. I'm praying for healthy babies. It will be nice to have someone to check in with if you want. 


I'm new to this forum,  but I've had quite an experience the last few days that has landed me into bed rest. I was airlifted to a hospital after finding out that a portion of the baby's sac had slipped through my cervix which had opened. I wound up having a cerclage to close it back up and spent a couple days in the hospital. Luckily, my water didn't break and my baby girl is doing okay. I am 20 weeks along and can't believe this has happened, but so happy we still have her. The mandatory bed rest is sinking in....  Are there others that have had a weakened cervix and had this, and how long was your bed rest?

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