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Hi there,
At my 20 weeks US cervix was 2.4. My doctors didn’t recommend a cerclage at that time but I was put on progesterone suppositories and strict bedrest at home. At my 22 week cervix was 2.2 and at my 24 ultrasound I was diagnosed with dynamic cervix varying from 1.7-2.2. They checked me one more time at 26 weeks and my cervix was 0.7-1.7. I have been on strict bedrest at home since 20 weeks when we caught the cervix shortening. I was hospitalized a few times with premature contractions and thankfully, they never caused any cervical changes or dilation.  Also, magnesium worked every time and they slowed down. I was also put on procardia because I have an irritable uterus too so that has been helping my contractions as well. I am currently 34+2 and doing good at home on bedrest. My doctor is going to take me off all medications around 36 weeks and we will see how much longer after that I will go into labor. Throughout this whole experience, I have always been told that it is better to have a dynamic than an incompetent cervix because the incompetent constantly shortens and the dynamic one goes back and forth like a sponge. Hang in there, and keep cooking baby :) I took my home bed rest very serious, because I was also scared of not being monitored at the hospital and it totally worked for me to get me as far as I am now. Hope this helps to give you some positive reassurance!

Jen, I am so so so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to you during these difficult times. Big big hugs to you

Time will start passing for sure! I remember my weeks 20-24 were the longeeeeest weeks ever and now it is for sure going much quicker. When all of this started for me, 29 weeks sounded like forever away and now looking back, these last few weeks have been a breeze. Yay for the injections!!! The specialists see our problems all the time, so trust them and keep cooking that peanut :)

Hi Erankin10
At 19 weeks my cervix was 3.5 and I spotted so I went for an ultrasound which was okay. Then at 20 weeks, I had an repeat ultrasound and that's when I was also diagnosed with short cervix. I was measuring 2.5! I had to go to a specialist right away, and then every 2 weeks and also my ob doctor checked me every 2 weeks too. My cervix kept shortening that at my last check at 25 weeks, I was 0.9-1.7 ( varied depending on what angle they measured it, so they called it dynamic cervix). When I first saw the specialist, he told me to take it easy and just to do light activity. From the first time my cervix shorted, my OB doctor took me off work and told me that she went thru the same thing and that she put me on progesterone suppositories and strict bedrest. I trusted the specialist, but my OB doctor is my person, she has been amazing thru my whole experience and I chose to go with everything she told me. At the 25 week measurement, the specialist told me that I need to do strict bedrest- which I had been doing since 20 weeks. I truly believe that is what helped me get as far as I am. I am currently 29 weeks and had to be hospitalized and on magnesium 3 times for pre term labor, but I kept following my OB doctors instructions and baby has been able to stay put. They have stopped completely measuring my cervix, so my OB doctor checks me every 2 weeks when I go see her and I have been closed all this time. My Ob's situation was the same and she made it to 36 weeks and delivered a healthy baby. I pretty much only get up to pee, and take a full shower 2 times a week. I bought myself one of those peri bottles, so I use it every time I use the restroom since I can't take daily showers! I hope this helps, and hope to keep hearing from you as you keep cooking your baby :)

Hi there, I am praying for you and hoping that your doctor will continue to step up! If it's first pregnancy, the vaginal suppositories work better. But with multiple pregnancies, they tend to go more for the shots. I was diagnosed with short cervix at 19 weeks and started on bedrest and vaginal progesterone. I started seeing a specialist right away also- so maybe ask for a referral to a high risk doctor- they are amazing too! Around 22 weeks, I started having contractions so I had to get magnesium sulfate at the hospital and was put on procardia for the contractions. I am currently 28 weeks and at my 24 week ultrasound,  my cervix was 0.7 mm, varying up to 1.7 mm. I pretty much only get up to use the restroom and shower and stay in bed. My doctor checks my cervix weekly now but they are not doing any more cervical measurements. Please keep us posted and ask to see a high risk specialist! They will make you feel so much better too!

Hi ladies, I thank you all for responding and I am sorry I haven't made it back on here for an update. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant- I can't believe I made it this Far! Ended up being that I have what's called a dynamic cervix- meaning it shortens and lengthens on its own( craziest thing I have ever seen). At my 24 week ultrasound, my cervix was fluctuating from 0.7mm to 1.7mm all on its own, it looked like a sponge, getting small and stretching. The MFM didn't want to do cerclage at all because it would not hold especially with the cervix moving so much, and also did not want me to go into preterm labor. He also does not want to measure my cervix anymore, and he is promising that dynamic cervix is better than incompetent cervix. I follow with my ob doctor weekly and she is the only one that checks my cervix- so far it's closed! I have been on bedrest for 2 months now and In and out of the hospital for pre term labor that was stopped by magnesium sulfate! The MFM also put me On procardia 3 times a day and that has been helping keep my uterus somewhat calm because I also have an "irritable uterus" . I still contract but I have learned to listen to my body and know when it's time to go to the hospital. I am a baby nurse and for anyone that is reading this blog, I suggest to follow your body. And if you have to go get checked, go! It is better to be safe than sorry. So far every time I went to the hospital, I was right and I was able to get the treatment I needed to keep my little guy cooking more.

I have been in the same situation as you. I am new to this forum and have been having cervical checks every 2 weeks as well since 19 weeks. I am currently 23 weeks.  I am curious to know what they told you at the follow up because I have had the same thing happen to me. I was told that the progesterone is very irritable to the vaginal wall and even to the cervix, so it could make you have those little "tissue looking" spots that come out. I hope you are still going strong with your pregnancy and would love to hear from you for some positive encouragement too!

Hi everyone,
I am new to this group and a first time mom so here is my story. I am carrying a little boy, and so far he has been giving me some pretty big scares. I spotted at 18 weeks and was sent for a stat ultrasound, which was all normal and my cervical length was 3.5 cm.

Then at my 20 week ultrasound, I was told that my cervix had shorted to 2.4 cm. Of course I freaked out because this is my first pregnancy. My doctor got me to see a specialist the next day and once they measured me, my cervix was 3.0 cm. I have a history of a LEEP procedure (last year), so I am sure that has a lot to do with this. The specialist assured me that my cervix did not have any funneling and also said that from what he was seeing, it looked more than 3.0 cm. My regular doctor took me off work and put me on modified bedrest just so we can be on the safe side. She also started me on progesterone vaginal suppositories and scheduled me for another check up with the high risk doctor in 2 weeks.

At 22 weeks, I went to see the high risk doctor again, and they measured my cervix, and it was 2.6 cm, another drop. I have continuously taken the progesterone, and been on modified bedrest and my cervix still shortened. After the first few days of using the progesterone, I had some light brown spotting but I haven't had anything since then. Baby is super active and I can feel him so much- best feeling in the world. I have also started to have some tightening of my belly that lasts no more than 10 seconds and is not regular. So I am not sure if that is Braxton Hicks contractions, or just baby stretching in there. It confuses me because i only feel this pressure on the right side of my belly-right by the belly button.

 I am writing this post and hoping some of you can help me and let me know of similar situations that you have had. I am just so scared and I worried that my cervix keeps shortening even tho I have been on the progesterone and the bedrest. I know i have until 24 weeks to get a Cerclage, but so far they have been avoiding that because they do not want any more harm to my cervix such as infection, or cause for pre term labor.
Thank you so much and hope to hear from someone soon

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