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Back from the ultrasound.

Baby looks good.

Amniotic levels are perfect, so they really don't think that the membranes ruptured last night.

Cervix has shortened again. I think she said 1.7 or 1.9, but I can't remember.  It was definitely lower than 2cm.  I'm feeling disheartened by the change in length.  However, the doctor said that she's not worried about the length at all because that's not the best predictor of a loss, especially with the cerclage. What is a good predictor is whether or not it's closed. Currently the cervix is closed. So that's good.

The sludge is still there. It still puts me at higher risk. There's still nothing they can do about it.

There was another "contraction" today in the exact same place as it was on Thursday.  Again, there was no concern.  It seems to me when looking at the ultrasound that the contraction is "pinching" off the part of the cervix that has the sludge.  Hopefully it doesn't pinch too hard and rupture the membranes!

US doctor thinks that it's a good idea that I still continue to take it easy and not to return to work at this point.  I have a follow up with my OB tomorrow and another ultrasound booked for Monday.

@OBmom - thank you for your words of wisdom and support.  I really appreciate it, especially regarding the sludge.  Worried about your take on the contractions and will be asking my OB tomorrow if there is anything that we can do to relax the muscles.

We delivered our baby boy 5 days after my mucus plug began to come out (24 weeks).  We were able to stop labour until an infection developed and we had to discontinue the anti-labour medication.  We delivered 3 days later.

That being said, you have a lot of things on your side:
1. Mucus plug can be replenished.
2. You have a cerclage (I didn't).
3. You are on anti-labour medication.

You've got this!  Keep us posted on your story!

Ended up in ER last night after a gush of clear fluid after inserting progesterone suppositories.
Was concerned that it was amniotic fluid, as this was something the doctor told me to look for.
Luckily, everything came back negative, and baby is still doing just fine.

Will be following up with an MFM ultrasound this afternoon. Fingers crossed for good news - stable cervix and no funnelling would be awesome!

16+5 today.

This is my second day on "modified" bedrest.  I made a schedule and hope to stick with it - I think it'll help break up my day into shorter periods of time filled with a mixture of semi-productive things (like work) and rest. Hoping that it helps to make the time between when my husband is at work and home a little easier.

I have an appointment with my OB on Thursday and hope to get some answers on the upsetting ultrasound results from last week (shortened cervix, possible funnelling, contraction, sludge) that will help me to put my mind at ease.

Had a bit of a scare last night when my underwear was a little wet - was told to watch for leaking fluids.  No more came after the first stain, and it wasn't enough to leak through underwear or fill a liner or anything, so I'm passing it off as discharge.

The hardest thing about this pregnancy is fearing the worst with every ache, pain, and bit of discharge.

Well, that and being insanely jealous of my close friend who, at 18 weeks, is still skiing, doing exersize classes, and all around having a great pregnancy.  Wish that could be me!

Here's a doozy:

We recently lost our first child due to IC at 24 weeks and became pregnant again after our first cycle.

This has been an incredibly anxious pregnancy as a result.  I had a preventative cerclage at 13+5 and take daily progesterone suppositories (200mg).

I just came back from an elective ultrasound at 16 weeks. During this ultrasound, they found that my cervix had shortened to 2.4cm. I had a cerclage placed at 14 weeks, and it is sitting at 2cm on the cervix - it looks like a strong stitch with good placement.

They discovered during the vaginal ultrasound that I was having a contraction, and this may have influenced the cervix measurement (I'm hoping that because the contraction was low, it was the cause of a shortened cervix, but I have no medical info to back that up).  The tech told me that painless contractions are usual for many women during pregnancy and not to worry.  She was hoping that the contraction would resolve before the end of the exam, but it didn't. 

In addition to this, the US tech thought she saw funnelling through the contraction, leaving only .4cm between the stitch and the end of my cervix. The doctor said she didn't see any funnelling. Again, not sure what to think. How can two experienced professionals see two completely different things?

All of this has left me me anxiously wondering why I would have such a long contraction and whether or not it was in fact impacting my cervical length and whether I am funnelling and if I should take additional precautions.

Finally, and scariest of all, is that they found "sludge" in the intrauterine sac. This puts me at a higher risk of infection. Infection in the intrauterine sac means immediate delivery. They tried to reassure me that "sludge" is common with women with IC, and that it doesn't guarantee infection, it just increases the risk.

My mad Google online research has resulted in 2 findings:

1.  Women with short cervix and presence of sludge have a 50% chance of delivery prior to 24 weeks (2007 study).

2.  Age of gestation for women with cerclage is not impacted by the presence of sludge  (2010 study).

Has anybody else had a preventative cerclage and found out later that there is sludge in the amniotic fluid?  What were your outcomes?

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