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Quick update, holding on at 20+4!
At our weekly scan last week we had some interesting developments. My OB has diagnosed me with a dynamic/incompetent cervix - she said she’s never seen one so dynamic in her career. The technician actually took a video of our ultrasound which showed my CL at 3.1cm which, in a matter of seconds, funnelled down to <1cm (almost to the base of the cervix) and then a few seconds later it closed right up, back to 2.9cm. It was pretty remarkable to watch. While this was happening I was experiencing some tightening in my abdomen. My OB was happy that we did not place a cerclage because the rapid movement and funnelling would have continually pulled at the stitch.
Unfortunately this means there aren’t any (additional) interventions we can try at this point but my OB was happy with the progress we’ve made so far. Looks like bed rest and progesterone are gonna be my BFFs for a while (fingers crossed). The pessary idea didn’t fly due to the limited evidence available and the OB did not want to increase risk of infection when the CL gets as low as it does.
Some days are good, on others I feel like the tightening increases, particularly at night. For those that have contractions or tightening, do you feel like the progesterone starts to wear off as you approach your next dose? Just hope we are able to keep cooking for many weeks to come. The uncertainty of it all is overwhelming sometimes.

Hope all of you mamas are doing well!

Haha definitely a small club I’m learning but there’s comfort in knowing I’m not the only member!

I feel you on the flakes and increased discharge, but I think they have made a difference in the tightening and “contractions” (not sure if I can even define them as that) I was feeling before. I guess the real test will be our scan this week.

We are in Ontario, Canada so we likely have similar guidelines! It’s nice to have some leaverage with a fellow Canadian story :)

Hi Lauren!

Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your little boy, I’m sure he was perfect. Congratulations on getting to the 29 week mark and for advocating so strongly for you and your babe. I’m so happy things have been stable for you this far!!

 Are you receiving care in Canada or the US? I will definitely bring up the pessary at our next appointment. I know about the use of pessaries for uterine or bladder prolapse and keep hearing about women having them inserted for IC from the forums but it was never brought up as an option. Likely because, as the article states, there have been no randomized head to head trials comparing their use to cerclage or progesterone even though there may be a place for them in practice! You’re a great example of that. It seems like the risks are relatively low so I will definitely inquire. I want to do everything I can at this point.

Are you also on progesterone suppositories? It’s interesting you brought up the sludge because that was identified on my ultrasound as well which my OB said was a sign of possible PTL. That’s another reason she was a little more hesitant to place a stitch. It makes me hopeful that you have made it so far despite those changes!

I will definitely try to make the chat on Tuesday. Sending you lots of positive thoughts.

Hi Ladies,

I’m new to this site and have been finding some of your stories very helpful and I’m trying to remain positive but it’s becoming increasingly difficult.

This past December I went into preterm labour at 23+1 with our beautiful baby girl. All of my scans and appointments were going well and no cervical shortening was identified. The day I went into labour I was having some mild back pain, not at all what I envisioned contractions to feel like. I happened to be at a routine OB appointment that day and she felt it was necessary to check me. By that point I was already 3cm dilated and in active labour. I was rushed to a larger Center with the hopes they could slow things down, but unfortunately I delivered only 6 hours later. We were absolutely devastated by our loss and miss our little one every day. We were given no explanation for what happened as the docs didn’t think it was due to IC and all of the tests came back negative.

We were incredibly fortunate to conceive again almost 3 months later, followed by an MFM specialist with frequent monitoring. My CL at 16 weeks measured 4cm and to our surprise dropped to a mere 1cm with funneling this past Thursday at 19 weeks. We spoke at length about a cerclage but ultimately decided it may be unsafe at this point as it can rupture the membranes, introduce infection, and cause permanent cervical damage if I go into full labour again. I have been started on progesterone suppositories and strict bedrest at home. We are absolutely terrified as the OB did not seem optimistic about us making it past (or even up to) 24 weeks given my history. We go back for an ultrasound this coming Thursday and hoping that things improve or at least stabilize. I’m really starting to question whether our first loss was due to IC as well. Looking for any encouraging stories you ladies are willing to share.

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