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Hey Ladies, Im new here.  A little bit about me.  Im 26, and this is my 4th pregnancy and I have yet to bring a baby home.  My first and second pregnancy were both ectopics that required emergency surgery and I lost my left tube.  3rd pregnancy was a miscarriage at 9 weeks last august.  I am exactly 21 weeks today with my baby boy and Its been a rough 2 weeks. We went in for our anatomy scan on the 20th and I was 19w3d, my cervix measured at .9mm and I had a rescue cerclage placed that night and by the time they were able to do it, I was closer to .2mm but they did it and told me that there wasn't much to work with but that it was holding.  I spent a full week on HBR and was on indocin to stop contractions.  After the week of HBR they scanned me again and my cervix was at 12mm. So I was sent home and taken off meds and still on SBR. I was home for the weekend and went in yesterday for another scan to find that my cervix went back down to .6mm and still funneling.  So now I am back home (for now) on SBR, taking indocin to stop contractions, and progesterone suppositories at bedtime, then another scan on thursday.  My doctor has been hard to read and Im not really sure what to think about any of this.  I didnt even know this was a thing.  I thought our days of fear and anxiety were behind us.  We got the baby to the right place, got the baby to develop and got past the 1st trimester.  Those were the issues with the other 3 so this is all just a shock and slap in the face.  We have to make it to at least 24 weeks for the NICU and obviously we want to make it way further than that, but I dont know how much time my little guy has. Any advice, success stories, anything will help.

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