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Thank you! It’s so hard to stay calm before 24 weeks (as I’m sure you know well). I’m going to see if they’ll check me tomorrow for peace of mind since if this cervix issue isn’t hurting the baby, I’m sure my anxiety is haha.

I'm new to this forum but looking for some guidance. I've been experiencing intermittent cramping, vaginal pressure, and back achiness for probably the past couple of weeks. This past Monday, I learned at my 20wk ultrasound that I have some cervical funneling, but that the functional length below the funneling is 3.3cm. I will be 21 weeks on Friday. The doctor asked me to come back in two weeks for a recheck and recommended no other actions because my 1st pregnancy went to 39 weeks successfully and I have no history of cervix or uterine surgery other than my c-section.

Of course, I'm freaking out. I know I don't meet criteria for progesterone, etc, at 3.3 but I'm wondering whether there's something I should be doing to preserve my length since funneling was present. Is there a chance that the funneling is not going to shorten my cervix? I just feel like I'm waiting for my cervix to shorten and then they will decide to take action when I have gotten into a more dire situation. Am I being overly paranoid?

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