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Hello everyone! 2 weeks ago I was given strict bed rest at 20 weeks, due to shortened and softened cervix, however completely closed on the outside. I also had a LETZ procedure couple of years ago (CIN3) but the doctors assure me that is not the cause.
Normally I don't have a problem staying home reading or binge watching Netflix / HBO but when you are told you have to it's a different story :) I was going crazy, not being able to go out (I'm a photographer and love going around shooting), see my friends, clean, or worst of all take care of my old dog who needs a lot of attention. Between the frustration of being dependent on others and fear of endangering my baby, I really stayed put.
Found this forum while surfing for other experiences, and while I was waiting for the admin approval 2 weeks passed, my checkup came and things look good. Cervix is on the lower border but again in the normal range, and fully closed. Guess the rest helped and now I'm allowed to go for short walks, do some light housework, even have sex :)

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