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Thanks for your response!  How are you doing?  I had to be readmitted after my appointment on 5/28. Cervix was .7cm. I had another cervical length the next week and it was still .7cm so that’s good at least it didn’t change! I’m on day ten of being in the hospital and I do feel better being here, but the not knowing a timeline is the hardest part. I’m just hoping my next measurement this coming Wednesday is good!  Thinking of you and your little one too!!

What's Your Story? Tell us. / New Here. Short cervix, no cerclage
« on: May 28, 2020 at 09:52 AM »
Hey everyone! I’m so thankful to have found this forum so I can read other stories and hopefully get some encouragement. It was found at my anatomy scan that I had a short cervix. My doctor prescribed vaginal progestwrone and I returned in a week for another measurement. I was at 2.7cm which he said he was very happy with. Well I went back again the following week for another measurement and I was down to 1.9 cm. At that point I was 24 weeks so it was too late for a cerclage. I went home that night full of anxiety and thought I was feeling a lot of pressure. My doctor had me go in and have another measurement. 1.4cm! I was admitted and received steroids and released after three days for bed rest at home. I Was told if it continues to shorten I will need to be admitted for the remainder of my pregnancy. I would stay in hospital for months if it means baby girl won’t be born a micropreemie.  Has anyone else experienced a short cervix and how long did you make it before you delivered? I have another appointment today for a measurement and I’m so hoping it’s good. I’m 25 and 1 today.

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