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Making the Best of Bed Rest / Lay in bed, sofa or recliner?
« on: May 01, 2012 at 11:30 AM »
So, I have kind of a crazy question for ya'll !!  ;D  At 18 weeks I had a cerclage put in due to a short cervix. I have been on bedrest since. I am currently 26 weeks strong !!! My doc told me not to sit upright. He said to always stay in a reclined position, in order to keep pressure off of my cervix. When he discharged me, I asked him if its ok to lay back on a recliner and he said yes. Well, I spend most of the day laying on my reliner (with a few pillows for support). During the afternoon I will usually go lay on the sofa for a few hours. And of course at night I sleep in my bed. So, I am just wondering what is everyone else doing?  Do yall think I should be laying flat (like on the sofa or bed) more often? Thanks for the help !!  ;)

you know, i really am not sure. my doc just called it a "permanant cerclage". i will have to ask him at my appt tomorrow...

Hello all ! First, I just wanna say how much I enjoy reading all of the posts on here. So reassuring to know there are other women going thru the same things as I am. So, for my question/story: I had a permanant cerclage put in at 18 weeks. My cervix was measuring around 2.3. I have been on bedrest since. My doc had to "dissect" off of my bladder in order to have enough room to put in the cerclage. I also have placenta previa which resulted in 2 bleeds and a weeklong hospital stay.  I am currently at 26 weeks 3 days. Last Monday, I had a positive FFN. That night they did a vaginal ultrasound and my cervix was about 2.2. They also did a biophysical profile on the baby and she scored a 8 out of 10. I have also been on weekly progesterone shots since 18 weeks and last week I had the round of steroid shots and also took a 3 day round of another medication (can't remember the name of it, it starts with an i) to help prolong the pregnancy. I made it to our first goal of 26 weeks. Now I am looking forward to my second goal of 28 weeks!  ;D Has anyone else had a permanant cerclage put in?  ??? Or, have a similar situation to mine? If so, how long did you make it on bedrest? Any and all responses are appreciated!!  ;)

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