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Making the Best of Bed Rest / Roll Call! How's every one doing?
« on: December 07, 2009 at 03:42 PM »
Hi, everyone! TheeBabyLady thought it might be fun to do a roll call each week. I think it's a great idea!

Each Monday we'll check in and see how everyone is doing. How many weeks are you? Are you at home or the hospital doing bed rest? Why are you on bed rest? And recent OB appointments? And so on. Share as much as you'd like!

Looking forward to it!

Karin from Australia has sent me her story to post here. About a week ago, she sent me a personal e-mail and I was so inspired by her that I asked her to share her story with you. I admire her strength and how proactive she was with her second pregnancy. A great attitude and strong fortitude is what I dream of helping moms of preemies build as they decide to continue to grow their families. I hope her story inspires you!

Pregnancy after Pre-eclampsia and HELLP
It took much time and thought for us to have another child after our first child was born at 32 weeks due to severe pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome, our baby boy was very small and had many issues including the need to be placed on a ventilator. His first year of life was tough but he is now a healthy and happy little boy with only a few minor issues resulting from being born premature and under 3 pounds.

As for myself it took 2 years for my body, especially my liver, to recover from HELLP syndrome and once we got the all clear we decided to have another child. We knew that it would be another tough pregnancy and there was a good chance of having pre-eclampsia again, however this time we took no chances and went to the best OB we could find that specialised in this field.

Due to my history I was closely monitored from the start and put on all the pre-eclampsia preventative medications such as aspirin and
calcium. I was only working part time but gave up all work at 30 weeks and did as little as possible.

Things started to wrong again at 34 weeks, and I was put on blood pressure medication and constant fetal monitoring and growth
scans. I was told to stay home and rest as much as possible but at 35+5 weeks after another day of monitoring at the hospital my blood pressure was all over the place and I was placed in hospital on bed rest - the aim was to get to the magical 37 weeks.

I did not move from my bed except for a shower and to go to the toilet - each day consisted of fetal monitoring and medications every 4
hours. At 36+6 weeks I was given steroid injections and at 37 weeks I delivered by c-section a perfect baby girl that never saw the inside of a NICU or special care nursery and it is thanks to the doctors and nurses that I got my wish of having a "normal" birth and being able to have my child with me all the time from birth.

We have since decided not to have any more children, as I am simply not built for this baby-making thing and we are very grateful for the
two beautiful kids that we have :)

(You can learn more about Karin's first pregnancy here:

Are you blogging about preterm labor, prematurity awareness of pregnancy after a preemie? Please respond to this message to post a link to your blog or website!

November Is Prematurity Awareness Month

All month long, will be hosting a Q & A with three guest obstetricians. They'll be available to answer your questions about preterm labor, preterm birth, and pregnancy after a preemie.  Look for questions and answers here:

Send YOUR questions to

Here's mine: Don't let a day go by without telling her, "You are a great wife and mom."

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Anyone have an incompetent cervix?
« on: October 27, 2009 at 09:14 PM »
Have an incompetent cervix? Some OBs now call it “insufficient cervix.” Sounds better, I think! What do you think?

Also, check out this fascinating image from article by Dr. Jen Gunter of an insufficient cervix: It might help to understand what you are looking at if you check out this image of a cervix at a normal length:

It seems a lot of moms-to-be on bedrest use the "down" time to start a blog or spend more time on the blog they already have. I know other moms would love to read about what you're going through, whether it's related to pregnancy, bed rest, or a completely different topic all together! Please use this post to tell us when you post a new update to your blog, along with the link, and maybe a few words about the topic.

This will be a great way for everyone to get to know one another!

What symptoms were you having? Did you call your doc or go to L&D? What advice would you give to other women who think they might be in preterm labor?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the proportion of first births to women aged 35 years and over increased nearly eight times from 1970 to 2006. In 2006, about 1 out of 12 first births were to women aged 35 years and over compared with 1 out of 100 in 1970. According to preliminary data, the proportion for 2007 (the most recent data available) was the same as in 2006.

We know that “advanced maternal age” can increase the likelihood of birth defects, low birth weights and multiple birth. Do you believe moms 35 and older are also more likely to experience preterm labor and preterm birth?

Please share your opinion, experiences, and any data.

Excellent blog post on the lack of info in the media about preterm labor and preterm birth! Dated July 8:

Do you think there is a genetic link to preterm labor and/or preterm birth? Why or why not? Did your mother or grandmother have issues with preterm labor or preterm birth? Your sisters?

If anyone is able to find a study that explores a genetic link, please let me know...

UPDATE (2/8/2010): New Research Shows Genes Of Pregnant Women And Their Fetuses Can Increase The Risk Of Preterm Labor. Click here:

Mother Gives Birth To Twins With Different Fathers

Eleven-month old Dallas-born twins Justin and Jordan have different fathers, a phenomenon known as heteropaternal superfecundation that is so rare there are only a handful of documented cases in the world.

Their parents Mia Washington and her fiancée James Harrison went public with their news last week when they contacted FOX4 to tell their story.

Admitting she was having an affair with another man at the time the twins were conceived, Washington said she was shocked that it had happened to her.

Read more:


The fetal fibronectin test is a very effective tool for determining when labor in eminent. Fetal fibronectin is a sticky protein that keeps the baby's fetal membranes attached to the mother's uterus during pregnancy. This protein is normally detected in vaginal secretions before 22 weeks and after 35 weeks when it begins to break down naturally . This test may show that fetal fibronectin is present, even before other signs of preterm labor occur. A negative result reassures you that there is more than a 99 percent chance you will not deliver within the next two weeks. A positive result does not guarantee that labor will occur within a specific time frame, but it does allow you and your doctor to treat the preterm labor more aggressively in order to prevent preterm birth.

You can learn more at

(I've posted this on behalf of Leola. --Angela)

Hello fellow bed resters.
This is Leola from Detroit. I am almost 32 weeks and I am experiencing so many feelings right now that I am struggling to sort them out. So each week I settle on a different aspect of my life and this pregnancy and for an hour or so I talk with my therapist for the past seven weeks.
So far therapy has been a positive uplifting experience. I am a single mother of six including this baby and the survivor of many challenges. I am 39 years old and all I have ever done with most of my life is search for love in all places right and wrong. I have raised my children alone with no fathers support and chaos and confusion from abusive relationships. I carry so much guilt for what I have put my children through. I wish and pray and hope to someday never need the help of the state or welfare for any reason.
I have many talents. I am a self published author as well as a local comedian. Telling stories is all I am good at. I need help establishing my career. If any body knows a agent or promoter with legitimate credentials please let me know. I have so many dreams, I am determined to see them through. I want my children to proud of me and my accomplishments. I just want to do good things make good choices, share my story my triumphs as well as my failures. I was always told that I wasn't good enough for anything these words have stayed with me for so long I'm fighting for self esteem.
I just want other women who may feel what I feel to know that they are not alone. As well as I need to know that I am not alone because alone is a sad place to be when you are hurting. Prayer really does help me with this struggle. I just wish and pray to have good friends and acquaintances in my life because I have had my share of trash as well as my fill of fake friends and negative family members. That's all for now. Thanks for your time,
My message is keep your head up and believe that God has got things all under control.

A few weeks ago, I joked with a friend on hospital bed rest:
You know what they say... "Incompetent Cervix, Incomparable Husband."

And today, thinking of my hubby and my own bed rest days, I thought,
You know what they say... "Irritable Uterus, Amiable Husband."

Tell us what's great about your guy!

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