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What's Your Story? Tell us. / An anniversary
« on: February 14, 2009 at 02:10 PM »
I really thought February 28th would be the hardest day. That is the day in 2008 that we had our "big" ultrasound at 19 weeks, only to find out that one of our twins had died in the womb. But today has been surprisingly tough. Tonight we're getting together with all the same family members we had dinner with last year on the weekend after Valentine's Day. While we were eating dinner, I felt both my babies kick at the same time. One up high on my right side, the other down to the left by my pubic bone. It was amazing, and one of the most unreal -- yet so VERY real -- moments of my life. That night, the family was so excited and so happy.

I had a doppler a few days later, and was able to tell the nurse exactly where the babies were. We found the heartbeats with no problem. I'm trying to hold on to the good parts of these memories, but I guess it is too soon to think that I won't feel the bad parts, too. I just hope I can keep it together tonight. I haven't done a good job of that today! We have a wonderful little boy who is just the happiest person you'd ever meet, and I am so thankful.

I've come across a  number of women dealing with preeclampsia, or who had preeclampsia that went undiagnosed. If anyone has any questions, I went through it and I'm happy to share everything  I experienced if it means even one woman can avoid what I went through. My preeclampsia led to kidney failure, and I missed the first two weeks of my son's life while I was sick and in the hospital. The recovery was long and frustrating.

The Preeclampsia Foundation ( is an excellent source of information.

Of course, everyone is welcome to vent, chat, or ask questions here.


Preterm Labor: Anything and Everything / Paging plmommy
« on: January 15, 2009 at 10:48 PM »
Just wanted to see how you’re doing. How are you holding up in that SoCal heat? And how's your DD? Do you have help at home during the day? Do they go out and run around with DD? I was so worried about my DD getting as bored as I was!

Aren't you getting close to 20 weeks? Have you had the "big" ultrasound yet?

Take care!

If anyone comes across any new information, studies, or treatments related to preterm birth, please reply to this topic. Please provide us with a link, and maybe tell us a little bit about why you found the information helpful.

Thanks everyone!

P.S. You can view additional articles about preterm labor and articles about bed rest at

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Mommy Is on Bed Rest
« on: December 20, 2008 at 10:10 PM »
How are your children handling your bed rest?

This was one of the toughest things for me: How am I going to take care of my two-and-a-half year old? Is she going to "get mad" at Mommy for not being able to play the same games, to dance, or to take her to the park? And who is going to do the every-day things, like puttting her on the potty and making her meals?

Ultimately, it meant organizing a patchwork of a few sitters and several family members for 10 hours a day while my husband was at work. It was SO hard to feel like other people were raising my child while I just laid there. It did help that we moved a futon mattress into the family room so I could still be part of the action and there was room for my daughter too. And you know what, my daughter almost always chose spending time with me over anyone else. We played educational games on my laptop, we colored, we talked in Spanish, and we read A LOT. And I could still give her hugs, even though I wasn't able to pick her up during my pregnancy.

What activities are you doing with your child or children while on bed rest?

Welcome to the club!  I'm Angela. I am 35 years old and the mother of two (and the founder of this forum). I hope other women will share their stories so that we all can learn from their experiences! My story is posted at, and I hope you will post your story here on the Forum (even if your story is still in the works)! You will want to register first in order to post and reply to messages. It takes about 30 seconds, and it is free.

Once you've registered, click on the "Home" button above, then click on "What's Your Story?" and then click on "New Topic" on the right-hand side.

Write as much as you like. And tell us about you! Your name, interests, career, child’s name or initial (for example, I refer to my daughter as Miss L. and son as Mr. G.), at which week you were put on bed rest (if applicable), cause or suspected cause of preterm labor, any warning signs you had, and any information you would like to share that you believe may help others.

Be sure to check out the other forum categories, too!

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Keep 'Em Cookin', mamas!

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