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Making the Best of Bed Rest / Monday Roll Call for March 19, 2018
« on: March 19, 2018 at 11:58 AM »
Who's still cookin'? Any deliveries last week? Any St. Patrick's Day babies? What do you ladies have planned for this week to help pass the time?

We had a couple of ladies come out for the Live Chat last week. I hope we can add a few more this week. It's a lot of fun when we get a crowd! Our Live Chats are Tuesdays at 2 pm Eastern/11 am Pacific.

It seems like new members joined last week, so I hope you all will take a minute to fill us in on how you're doing, either here on in your posts. Keep 'Em Cookin, mamas!


Hi, Anish. This is so stressful, I'm sure.  Please try to have hope. Women with a cerclage have more mucus than normal, and they are more likely to have some spots of blood because the cervix is just generally more prone to that during pregnancy if there is irritation. Are you still using a pessary as well? That can also cause more discharge than normal. I will certainly be thinking of you today and praying for a good checkup. Please let us know how it went. (((hugs)))

Hey, ladies! If you're online, we're starting the Live Chat now.

Welcome to another Monday Roll Call!

I know it can be tough to stay motivated, so I thought it might be good to share the things that brighten your day most. For me, the highlights of bed rest were negative FFN tests, seeing my babies on ultrasound, and having my husband paint my toenails. One night he set up a "romantic" dinner on a card table next to our bed. So what keeps you going?

And as always, let us know how many weeks along you are and if you have any appointments to look forward to this week. If you had any appointments last week or any trips to L&D last week, let us know how those went.
Keep 'em cookin', mamas!

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Preterm Labor: Anything and Everything / Re: Road trip??
« on: March 07, 2018 at 03:41 PM »
Hi, EnglishRose.

That is a really tough decision. OBmom recommended what I was going to as well. You can join in by speakerphone, or even Skype if your husband brings a laptop. You have the absolute right to take part in this consultation, regardless where you are. I know it will be SO difficult to not be there in person. Another idea (to do along with the one above): Do you have a family member you trust who could go along as well to be an extra set of ears and even take notes for you?

I'm sure there's a nagging/frustrating feeling when you've handled all of the complicated details of your son's care and can't take part in a meeting you've waited so long for. I think if you call in for the appointment, you will be doing the best thing for everyone in your family.

My two cents, for what they're worth. Big hugs, mama!

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call for March 5, 2018
« on: March 06, 2018 at 06:52 PM »
Wow! I love to hear all this great news. And it sounds like everyone is staying positive! BTW, the Live Chat is starting in about 5 minutes (2 pm EST). Hope to see you all!

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Monday Roll Call for March 5, 2018
« on: March 05, 2018 at 01:22 PM »
Hey, pretty ladies!

Let us know how many weeks along you are, and if you had any OB appointments last week.

Also, I'm looking for a couple of volunteers to help me monitor the chat room. If you could spare 15 minutes a day for a few days each week, it would be a big help. (Email me at My job has been very busy lately, so I haven't had as much time for KeepEmCookin.

Thanks, girls!

Preterm Labor: Anything and Everything / Re: Yay hypertension!
« on: March 03, 2018 at 03:00 PM »
I am SOOO happy your appointment went well! Sorry I haven't checked back in a few days. Maybe you've even delivered by now... Happy thoughts coming your way!

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Monday Roll Call for February 26, 2018
« on: February 26, 2018 at 03:08 PM »
"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom."     --Viktor Frankl

So, ladies, what do you wish you could respond to differently? Your partner? This pregnancy? Your children? Your thoughts?

How are you responding now, and what would it look like or what would you say or think to respond differently? How will it free you?

Keep 'em cookin', mamas!

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Preterm Labor: Anything and Everything / Re: Yay hypertension!
« on: February 26, 2018 at 02:06 PM »
Congrats on 38 weeks! Amazing! How was your appointment on Thursday?

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but please be sure they keep an eye on you after delivery for HELLP and preeclampsia. That is a very dangerous blood pressure. I was having high blood pressure toward the end, but it was after delivery that everything went downhill very fast. They missed the pre-e and I ended up having kidney failure and was in the ICU for 3 days. Everyone thought I was just really tired from delivery and not sleeping, but it was much worse. When I first felt really sick and my BP was high after delivery, I even had a nurse say that you can't get pre-e after delivery, that it "cures" it. Have your family keep an eye on you, too. Tell them the signs: pain under your ribs, blurry vision, seeing spots, bad headaches, bleeding gums, and swelling.

Keep us posted!  :-*

Hello, ladies!

How do you look? I know it may seem silly to get dressed or put on makeup to sit around the house, but you might find that it boosts your spirits! It was really tough to style my hair with no mirror, but I still found it relaxing to brush and blowdry my hair. And when I had visitors, a quick stroke of lipstick seemed to help me feel like myself again. And don't underestimate the power of a body lotion in your favorite scent.  :)

What are YOUR beauty tips for bedrest? Do you feel like your appearance can have an effect on your mood? Feel free to offer your thoughts, or just let us know what's new and how many weeks along you are.

Keep 'em cookin', mamas!

There is no live chat tomorrow.
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Preterm Labor: Anything and Everything / Re: Can I ignore Braxton Hicks?
« on: February 15, 2018 at 02:17 PM »
That is GREAT news you are still cookin', even with all the ups and downs! There will be days when 4 weeks seems like a reeeeeeally long time, but in the big picture of your life and your baby's life, these are just moments. Positive thoughts coming your way...

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call for February 12, 2018
« on: February 14, 2018 at 06:38 PM »
Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to! Sending positive thoughts for a boring OB visit.  ;)

And big congrats on 31 weeks and counting!

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Monday Roll Call for February 12, 2018
« on: February 12, 2018 at 12:35 PM »
Hugs and kisses, ladies!  :-*

Will you be doing anything special with your sweetie for Valentine's day? I know holidays can be difficult when you are on bedrest, but hopefully you will be able to enjoy a meal or a movie together. Finding time for romance (or just feeling connected) is especially tough when you're on bedrest. You really have to work hard to make those opportunities happen.

And for those who think Saint Valentine can take a hike and keep on walking, what are you looking forward to this week?

I hope to see you all on the live chat tomorrow!

Keep 'em cookin', mamas!

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Making the Best of Bed Rest / Monday Roll Call for February 5, 2018
« on: February 05, 2018 at 05:18 PM »
It's February and here you are! Your dedication to your babies is wonderful.

Just for fun, share with us which TV shows you are watching. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit how much TV I've been watching lately, but I HAVE to let my brain zone out after a packed day with work and the kids. You need to give your brains a break, too.

I recently finished the second season of "Stranger Things," and the most recent season of "Black Mirror." I really want to recommend "The Time in Between" and "The Paradise." Both of those are about women who push through their hardships and take charge of their lives. They rock it! Like you.  ;)

Keep 'em cookin', mamas!

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