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Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: How do u relieve stress on bed rest?
« on: January 10, 2011 at 03:07 PM »
Yeah, I enjoy a good bath once a day.  I downloaded the hypnotherapy relaxation thing.  I'll let you know what I think of it after I try it. 

Ok, 31 weeks & 4 days today. 
Have a doctor's appointment today.  Not much else to tell.  Glad to have made it this far, but really really hope to make it 4 more weeks at least.

I think it would be somewhat of a comfort to understand 'why' it happened.  When I lost my twins, there were no answers, no reasons, no nothing.  I had all this anger and nowhere to direct it. 
I hope autoimmunelife gets some answers and that those answers will help her heal. 
So very sad.  We are all thinking of you. 
One thing I did was buy a necklace and had it engraved so I could 'take my girls with me' everywhere I went. 
I got my necklace from this site:

Making the Best of Bed Rest / How do u relieve stress on bed rest?
« on: January 09, 2011 at 03:41 PM »
Epiphany today:
In the past, when stressed - I could walk the aisles of Target, go get a pedicure, go to the gym, go anywhere, etc.  Or maybe eat cookies or ice cream (gest diabetes ruined that one).  I realized today that I really have zero stress relief.  Combine that with pregnancy hormones and its no wonder I'm on an emotional rollercoaster! 
How do you ladies cope when you are angry or frustrated?  I don't want to yell and scream anymore.   :-X  This poor baby probably thinks its mother is a monster. 

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Depression
« on: January 06, 2011 at 08:43 PM »
How do the rest of you keep your spirits up?
Its very hard for me as a woman to be completely worthless around the home, and feel terribly unattractive on top of it. 
 :'(    Even though I'm pregnant, I feel like less of a woman than when I was a flat-chested teenager!  I'm afraid my husband resents me because of the huge burden he is under doing absolutley EVERYTHING.  There is never a break, I always need food, clean clothes, prescriptions filled, chauffuered to numerous doctor's appointments, etc, etc.  So, its like I'm not just worthless....I'm ruining someone else's life...I'm a totally negative. 

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Roll Call for Jan. 3, 2011
« on: January 06, 2011 at 09:34 AM »
Try to stay calm, if you can.  Think positive thoughts.

Things are going a lot better, as far as GD is concerned.  I have passed all my other tests.  The diet is pretty easy to follow.  I'm just not a huge fan of meat - so we have to get creative, like shredding meat and putting it on top of a salad or in tacos!
I've added some 90-cal Fiber One bars & Fiber One yogurt into the routine to help with constipation.   :-[

Time to prick my finger...gotta go   :P

Oh Autoimmunelife!  What terrible news.  I'm so sorry.   :'(
If you have never heard of the Sweet Pea Project, I recommend looking into it.  Finding other people who understand really helped me. 

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Roll Call for Jan. 3, 2011
« on: January 05, 2011 at 07:01 AM »
Yes stayinginthere, I had one FFT at 25 weeks because I was having contractions.  I'm 31 weeks tomorrow - haven't had another FFT, but also haven't had anymore contractions.  They check my cervical length every time I have an ultrasound (about every 2-3 weeks).  I was recently referred to a specialist and he told me that he agreed with all the decisions my regular doctor had made and he wouldn't do anything differently.
Not sure if that helps you.   ???
I guess basically there isn't much more they can do besides bedrest, unless you start having contractions they will give you medication to stop them - or if your cervical length gets too short they may do a stitch.

My venting continues.  I tried Dreamfields brand pasta - recommended by my dietician - and I failed my first at home blood sugar test!
I'm  >:(  and  :( 

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Anyone used ?
« on: January 04, 2011 at 10:55 AM »

I was thinking about doing an online baby shower with this website, and possibly a teleconference or Skype connection.
Anyone used this website before? 

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Roll Call for Jan. 3, 2011
« on: January 03, 2011 at 12:19 PM »
good luck elypindea - i hope you will get to go home.

I understand how bed rest can make you feel guilty - but just remember you are the only one who can take care of this new baby.  You have to do what is best for him or her.  The cerclage should help.  I had a friend who went through that.  A few weeks after the procedure she back on her feet again.  Even if you have to remain on bed rest - just know there are people on this forum who understand.  Stay off your feet and protect this new little baby.  Good luck!  Best Wishes!!

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Roll Call for Jan. 3, 2011
« on: January 03, 2011 at 09:13 AM »
30 weeks & 4 days today.
Next appointment is Thursday (probably the usual measuring of fundal height & listening to baby's heartbeat).
Of course there is the 17p shot to look forward to....ick.

Expect bed rest to be horribly boring now that Christmas is over.  No more cards or presents to mail/receive.  Little reason to shop online & track packages.  :(

I just wanted to vent.  I have the hardest time remembering to look at the clock after every meal so that I know when to test!  So annoying watching the clock all day long. 
Although I will (begrudgingly) admit that I actually feel better and have more energy sticking to this low-sugar diet.  If only my husband would stop eating chocolate & cookies in front of me....ARGH!!!   >:(

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