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Hi, I'm new to this site and new to this whole experience.  I am 33 yrs old and up until last week was having a wonderful 1st pregnancy.  On Thursday I went for an ultrasound as my midwife found something on my placenta.  I was informed by the tech that she needed to do an internal ultrasound as my cervix looked to be much shorter than it should be.  I waited for my midwife to call back and then explain to me what was happening.   I was told to wait at the hospital, she came, did an assessment and wanted an OB's opionion.  A few hours later the OB arrived, did an internal exam, reviewed the ultrasound and said that my cervix had was effacing.  At 20 weeks it was 3.8cms (38mm) and just 4 weeks later it's now 2.2cms(22mm).  She provided my husband and I two options, 1) Cerculage OR 2)leave it alone and hope for the best with rest and monitoring.  We opted for 1 and I was scheduled the very next morning (last Friday).  I have been home from the hospital since Saturday on bed rest for the next few weeks but I'm afraid to do anything...go to the bathroom, go down the stairs, do anything really.  I am already going out of my mind not being able to go out, exercise etc...and it's only day 2.  I'm not sure if the minor cramps I feel (and they are minor not even like menstrual cramps) are just the process of my body healing after the stitch or if I should be worried.  I almost feel like I want to be locked in the hospital so at least every little question I have can be answered.  I'm afraid that I'm going to lose my baby and have to start all over again...what if my stitch was put in too late?  Anyway, thank you for listening to me. 

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