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Today was just an emotional roller coaster.
Early today I got a good news that a hospital with level 3 NICU was going to admit me. I was transported by ambulance here, and as soon I got here I received the 2nd dose of steroid.

Then a doctor came in to do a digital exam and said not only my cervix was open, it was 3-4cm open with bulging membrane!! I was stunned. Just 24 hours ago, it was just open 1-2cm but after a full day of complete bed rest, the membrane was now bulging??? I cried so much after hearing that. The doc ordered me an U/S to confirm and the U/S found no bulging membrane and though the cervix was funnelling, there was still some cervix left, giving a possibility of an emergency cerclage. The baby's biometrics looked all normal at her gestational age. We were delighted by the ultrasound result. However the doctors decided that cerclage was not an option for me as there is too little tissue left and stitches might do more damage than good. They are just waiting out and see what happens next. I was now starting to worry again, whether that meant there was nothing else we could try except just watch...

Luckily, the contraction monitor did not pick up any labour contractions. I didn't even get BH contractions all that often. No cramping, no contraction, but just dialated cervix. What is the deal with that?? The doc said I didn't even need to on the contraction monitor any longer.

Any way I am still on hospital bed rest indefinitely, but now with a bathroom priviledge - which I am interpreting as a good indication. Yesterday I was tilted upside down and had to rely on the bedpan....

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: 25 weeks 3 days on bed rest
« on: May 26, 2011 at 07:30 AM »
Hi. I am 25 weeks today (though my ob says 24 + 4, I prefer to go with the edd i got from my first ultrasound for NT measurement)
I was put on bed rest yesterday with 1.8 cm CL and because the ob said my cervix was open 1-2cm and she was able to the membrane.
I totally understand your fears. i am freaking out when the baby kicks really low around the cervix area. could the membrane rupture??
Any way I too received a lot of discouraging news yesterday from all the docs. They seeem to think I will go into labour in the next few weeks. But I am somewhat hopeful because they found it before I actually started any labour symptoms and we are all trying to keep the baby inside as long as possible. My goal is 28 weeks, about 3 weeks away too. I will be grateful if I make it that far and from there, I will take 1 week at a time. Let's stay positive, though it's hard sometimes. Hey, a brand new day just started - that's one day closer to our goals.

I have made it to 24 weeks and a few days without major problems except short cervix and i have been very hopeful past few days.
Wed am, I went for a follow up U/S for cervical length and the lab sent me to L&D after the scan. CL was 1.8cm which i was quite content with (little change since 2.2 cm on April 15
), so i wasnt sure why i was being sent to L&D. My ob happened to be at the hospital today for an operation so she examined my cervix again in L&D. She said it was 1-2 cm open... i was devastated. She ordered steroid shots but no ffn test... i was monitored for contrxn all day but very very few intermittent ones showed. They want to transfer me to another hospital with nicu but right now there is no bed available in there so i am staying in this hospital for now. The docs and nurses have spoken to me as if premature labour is impending... this is really upsetting because althogh i know i have short cervix i dont have cramps or contrxns. i guess it is because my cervix is open...? I am on strict bed rest with lower body raised and with no bathroom visit. I want to drink lots of water but am afraid because i need to use the bedpan. I guess i will get used to using it soon.

 i cannot fall is past 2 am...i am using a smart phone to type all this so even if you find typos, please bear with me. It is my husband's phone and i am not used to tying on this tiny thing...

My first goal is 28 weeks, which is mid June. Hope my baby girl stays put until then.

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Appointment today
« on: May 13, 2011 at 07:37 PM »
Congratulations. It's always good to hear happy stories. Makes me feel positive and gives me hope.
Continue to take a good care of yourself. You are almost there.

Hi everyone. It's me again.
I went to the doctor's appointment yesterday. It was the first appointment since the anatomy ultrasound (that's when they found my CL was 2.2cm) and I was a bit surprised by my doctor's "indifference" to my situation, considering all the worries I had been going through. First she asked me to get a follow-up ultrasound around the end of May (which is 6 weeks after my first 2.2cm measurement). I asked her if more frequent monitoring should be done, and her reply was no. I asked her if she would recommend bed rest, and again, her answer was no.
I want to believe that she's not overly concerned because I am indeed okay, but I am kind of wondering if I am really getting all the attention and care I require. Have I been stressing myself too much over it for nothing?

Whatever she says, I am not going to take any chance so I am still taking easy and trying to rest as much as possible. Hopefully my next ultrasound shows a good result.

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: Modified Bed rest at 29 weeks+5
« on: May 09, 2011 at 10:16 PM »
I am just curious... if you are not allowed to drive, how do you get to your doctor's office? Is driving considered different from sitting in the passenger seat? The reason I ask is that I have not been put on bed rest by my doctor but I am trying to cut down on my physcial activies if possible. As our house is under a huge renovation right now, I escape to my parents' place every weekend, but their place one hour drive away from my place. I am wondering if I should continue to drive myself or start asking my husband to drive me there.

Hi there.
I starated noticing BH contractions in my 20th week too. They came 8-10 times a day but irregularly, with different intensities. I am using progesterone suppositories for short cervix, and one week after I started taking progesterone, the number of BH contractions went down to 2-3/day. The Ob I saw the other day at the hospital L&D told me that progesterone calms down the contractions. I am in Canada, and so far, no doctor has told me about progesterone injections that many of the people on this forum talk about, but I think either suppositories or injections, progesterone is supposed to help prolong the pregnancy and relax the uterine muscles. You should ask your doctor about it or other medications you can take.

You are already 26 weeks - that's much better than where I am now (22.5 weeks). I hope you stay positive...

Hi Angela. Thanks for checking back.
I keep noticing some pink discharge (not bloody). I am now unsure if it's my imagination or the color is indeed pink.
I am just thinking that it could be caused by the progesterone suppositories, which might be irritating the cervix when I insert the tablet too high up. The suppositories didn't come with an instruction as to how deep the table is supposed to be placed, but I am trying not to insert it too high, in case it scrathes the cervix. I will ask my doctor on Wed how far up it's supposed to go to.

Going to be 23 weeks this Thursday. Yay! I am counting down every Thursday now.

Hello everyone.
I just hit 22 weeks today! It's been 2 weeks since I first found out my cervical length was shorter than normal and was started on progesterone suppositories. I am celebrating each week that has passed with my baby inside.... I know I am still so far far way from my due date (Sep 8) but hey, I am half way there.

Any way, today I noticed a very small amount of bright red spotting on the bathroom tissue. I went back to the bathroom again to see if it continued, and this time, I found egg white like mucous with red blood streaks. I left work immediately and headed to the hospital. thinking I was losing the mucous plug. Luckily, the doctor said my cervix was closed and I wasn't having labour contractions (just tightening due to BH). I didn't get a transvaginal u/s scan but he looked "inside", did a digital exam, and also looked at the cervix from the pelvic u/s (from my abdomen). I was so relieved and left the hospital. But now,... I am wondering, can the cervix be "closed" and be missing the plug at the same time? Do you lose the plug only when the cervix is dialated? I may be just stressing myself out with all these worrying thoughts but I can't help it.

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: All the way from Denmark
« on: April 30, 2011 at 11:55 AM »
Welcome. I am new here too. I just joined about a week ago after finding out that my cervix length was 2.2cm at 19 weeks.
I joined this forum to get some support and positive stories from women who may have a similar condition as I do. Also when anxiety hits me, I think this is a good place where I can share my feelings with others who have already gone through the same stages and understand what I am going through. Even with my cervix length, my doctor didn't put me on bed rest and I am not scheduled for another ultrasound until 2 weeks later either. At least you seem to have gotten a weekly scan and monitored the length closely.... so that's a good thing.
Good luck with your pregnancy. Take it easy and rest as much as you can (and should).

Preterm Labor: Anything and Everything / Re: Hospital Visit Lastnight
« on: April 30, 2011 at 10:45 AM »
That is what I did exactly a week ago when I first started feeling some kind of contractions and I was having them so frequently. The doctor at the L&D told me it was probably BH contractions or the bladder.

Are you on progeterone? For me, about a week after I first stated using progesterone suppositories (April 20), the number of BH contractions significantly reduced.... it has quieted down last few days to about 2-3 times a day, which gives me a lot more peace of mind. (Not 100% sure if they are related but after some research, progeterone seems to be the reason why I am not having so many BH contractions any more).

Also, on the advice from a lot of people on this forum, I started to drink a lot of water and urinate frequently. A full bladder seems to give me a BH for some reason.

Hope everything goes well with your pregnancy.

I just hit 21 weeks yesterday! I was so happy a week passed without any incident!

I am 20 weeks and 3 days now.
I did go to the hospital on the weekend (on Saturday) and the doctor told me it's Braxton Hicks because my cervix was closed and thick.
I am getting about 5-8 BH contractons a day... is this too many? Not all of them are very intense and also they don't seem to last more than 15 seconds at a time.

I feel very nervous though every time I get a BH contraction... I can't help thinking that they will escalate to the real contraction if I get them so frequently. I am also wondering what if the cervix has opened/thinned since the checkup 2 days ago. All this may be just a mental thing. I am trying to stay positive but it's hard.

By the way, because my ob has not put me on bed rest, I am still working (mostly sitting down at the desk). I

Thank you so much both of you for the encouragement. I feel a lot calmer and happier now.
I had to get myself checked out at the hospital this morning because of the tight feelings around my abdomen that was coming and going. I was freaking out as I had been reading a lot about preterm labour contractions. The doctor said my cervix looks closed and thick, and the tightness is either Braxton Hicks or pressure on my bladder. He said I shouldn't be travelling though when I told him I was currently visiting my parents for the Easter weekend. I will try to lay down and rest as much as possible until I go back to my house tomorrow (only an hour drive, luckily).

Hi kdb and Angela.
This is my first pregnancy and I don't know too many things about contractions. I didn't think I would need to study contractions until toward the end of the pregnancy but with my short cervix now, I think I need to learn sooner. I have been having this tightness in my low abdomen that comes and goes since yesterday.  No pain at all, either in the belly or lower back, but the tightness in the belly is definitely noticeable and uncomfortable. Is this also contraction? I clicked on the link Angela gave for the symptoms but they are not quite the same as what I am feeling. Today is Saturday so I might just go to the hospital ER and get checked out.

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: Cervix length
« on: April 22, 2011 at 03:44 PM »
If only I could just fast forward the time and be 27 weeks like you.... I am only 20 weeks now and was 2.2cm at 19 weeks.
I am on progesterone (progesterone suppositories), but no bedrest or no cerlage (yet). I will be checking the length again in about 2.5 weeks. I am so scared to even go to the bathroom. (Luckily I am not constipated.)

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