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Preterm Labor: Anything and Everything / Repeat Steroid Dose?
« on: June 04, 2011 at 10:24 AM »
Hi Ladies,
Just as a little background, I'm 28w1d with twin boys, currently on hospital bedrest for preterm labor and short cervix (2cm w/out pressure, 1.6 with).  My doctors have discussed sending me home after 29 weeks (Yay!) if things remain stable, and my cervix remains steady at more than 1cm.  One of the physicians mentioned that before they send me home, they would give me a repeat dose of corticosteroids (I had one round when I was admitted to the hospital at 24w3d).  I have been doing some research, and it seems that the ACOG and others don't recommend giving repeat rounds of steriods unless it apppears that birth will occur within the next 7 days due to risks to the baby. 

Does anyone have any experience with this, or provide some guidance?  It just seems odd to me - if they are comfortable enough to discharge me, I would assume that they are confident that I will NOT give birth that week, so not sure what the point of the repeat steroid dose is. 

Please let me know your thoughts, or if you can recommend any sites that have additional information on this topic.  I would prefer to not recieve the steroids if clinical data/medical research does not support it. 


Hi Alice,
I'm 27w5d pregnant with twin boys, and I've been on hospital bedrest for he past 3.5 weeks for shortened cervix and contractions. When I was first admitted to the hospital I was given a shot of terbutaline to stop the contractions, and I've been on a maintenance dose of nifedipene (20mg, every 6 hours) ever since then.  It seems to really work to stop the contractions, and I've noticed that if the nurses are very late in bringing it to me (which happens more than you'd think), I have "break through" contractions between doses.  I have talked to my physicians about the possibility of going home in a few weeks, and it sounds likely that I would be given a prescription for nifedipene to take at home as well. 

I'd be happy to answer any other questions you have. 



Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call for May 31st
« on: May 30, 2011 at 04:38 PM »
Hello - I'm 27w3d with twins, and have been on hospital bedrest for the past 3 weeks for short cervix (CL 1.7) and had syptoms of preterm labor.  The contractions have been well controlled by Nifedipene and bedrest, and my CL is holding steady at 1.7.  Initially my physicians had mentioned the possibility of going home at 30 weeks, but now it sounds like they're pushing that out to 32 weeks.  I'm a little concerned about this because I don't really feel like much is actually being done for me here - everything has been stable for the past few weeks, and really all they are doing is monitoring.  I'm also growing increasingly frustrated with the quality of care I'm recieving in the hospital (lost or incorrectly performed labwork, wrong dosage/late medications, etc.), and I'm starting to feel like I could take better care of myself at home - it is certainly making it difficult to maintain a positive outlook.   

Good luck to everyone out there on bedrest, especially those in the hospital - this is certainly an emotionally trying experience.


Hi - I've been on hospital bedrest for the past 3 weeks (I'm 27w3d w/twins) and no Heparin shots for me either.  I do have to wear these annoying inflatable "boots" that inflate intermittently to keep the circulation going in my lower legs.  I don't really understand the point since I get up to go to the bathroom every 45 minutes or so. 

Good luck with the hospital bedrest - did your doctor mention whether you would be released at some point?  Mine has said if we make it to 30 weeks with no further complications (have 1.7 CL with occasional contractions) he'll think about sending me home - just wondering what other people's physicians have said regarding bedrest... I would love to go home at some point before these babies are born. 

I do notice that happens sometimes - I'm finding from talking to other women, that everyone seems to have a different trigger for contractions.  For me, it's laying on my back - as soon as I lay on my back my belly starts getting firm almost immediately.  It's frustrating because I've been in the hospital for the past 3 weeks, and the nurses put the babies on the heart monitor 3 times a day, which involves me laying on my back for 20 minutes - without fail, I'll have 2-3 contractions - you'd think they'd figure out a better way rather than put me through that torture 3 times a day. 

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Roll Call for Monday May 23rd
« on: May 23, 2011 at 12:44 PM »
Hi -
I'm now 26w3d pregnant with twin boys, and have been on hospital bedrest for the past 2 weeks - had a short cervix (1.7cm) with contractions 3-5 minutes apart, positive ffn, was sent to L&D, and haven't been home since.  We've managed to get the contractions under control with nifedipene and bedrest, and my cervix is maintaining at 1.7cm.  I've also been on progesterone suppositories, which although research doesn't indicate are particularly helpful in twin pregnancies, I really feel have been benefical.

I'd really like to be released to home bedrest at some point, but my doctors don't seem to be in any hurry to release me, and have even indicated that I might be here for the duration of the pregnancy.  I've read a lot of other women's stories on this forum, and it seems that most other women in my situation have been put on home bedrest - I'm a little confused about why I'm still here in the hospital. Obviously I want to do what's best for my babies, but I am starting to wonder what they are doing for me here that I can't do for myself at home? 

Good luck to everyone, and keep up the good work! 

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: 25w3d w/Twins, Hospital Bedrest
« on: May 21, 2011 at 07:18 AM »
Hello Ladies -
Just a brief update - I'm still here in the hospital, almost 2 weeks after presenting with contractions and short cervix (26w1d now), and the contractions seem pretty under control (for now), and have another CL check on Monday.  I'm hoping if all goes well they might consider releasing me to home bedrest, but not going to get my hopes up.  I just think it's astounding how frequently this seems to happen with twin pregnancies (Preterm labor, short cervix etc.).  There are 5 rooms here in the L&D Observation Unit, and 4 of us are twin pregnancies with short cervix, not to mention all of the women on this site with similar experiences!  Just wondering why my doctor didn't warn me about this, and why there isn't more research out there?  I guess I'm just frustrated with the lack of information. 

Hope everyone is doing well and hanging in there! 

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: 25w3d w/Twins, Hospital Bedrest
« on: May 16, 2011 at 03:50 PM »
Thanks for the words of encouragement!  It's great to hear that there are others going through the same thing.  I had my follow up CL today, and I'm holding steady at 1.6 for now, but still having intermittent contractions, mostly in the evening and in the morning for some reason - I'll have 4 or 5 per hour for an hour or two, then everything quiets down for the day.  I guess that's why I'm still on hospital bedrest instead of at home. 

I just feel like I'm living from day to day, and it's hard to stay positive when it seems like such a long road - I know it's well worth it in the end. 

What's Your Story? Tell us. / 25w3d w/Twins, Hospital Bedrest
« on: May 15, 2011 at 08:52 PM »
Hello everyone - I'm new to this forum and just wanted to share my story to see if anyone else out there had a similar experience - I'm especially eager to hear success stories.  I'm 25 weeks preganant with twin boys and have spent about a week on hospital bedrest due to shortened cervix and contractions. 

On Monday during my routine CL exam (transvag ultrasound) my physician noticed that my cervix had shortened significantly from my last check up 2 weeks prior - from 2.7cm to 2.3.  She immediately sent me to L&D at the hospital for further evaluation, where they found that I was also having contractions, which were about 3-5 minutes apart, but not painful.  After a shot of terbutaline the contractions subsided quickly, and I was put on nifediprene.  I was kept in the hospital for observation, with the expectation that I would be released to home bedrest within a few days, but a subsequent examinaton found that my cervix had shortened even further to 1.7/1.4 with pressure, and continue to have intermittent contractions, so the doctor prescribed hospital bedrest, likely until I deliver.  I'm not dilated, and membranes seem to be intact, so we at least have that in our favor, but so much else seems to be going wrong. 

I'm absolutely terrified about the prognosis, and have been trying to be brave throughout this process.  I'm hoping I can keep these little guys cooking AT LEAST until 28 weeks, hopefully much longer.  It's so hard to be positive when there's so much uncertainty, and I'm so afraid.  I have a follow up CL exam tomorrow, and hoping that I still have some cervix left.

I would love to hear other's stories and advice on how to get through this. 

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