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I’d like to share my experience with you..
I started to have heavy bleeding since the 7th week of pregnancy due to a sub chorionic hematoma (4cmx0.5 around I remember). Since then, I had been on bed rest for the following 10 weeks with continuous bleeding, I have been several time to  hospital but hey said that nothing could have been done, just rest and wait.... (no progesterone have been given to me, everybody thought that I was going to have soon miscarriage).
nevertheless the baby was growing well and with the weeks passing on, the hematoma was also reducing.
After 16th week I started to have some light activity and I was feeling quite well but then I started to feel uter tenderness.. I thought it was normal...  At 20th weeks it happened. I had terrible headache and I felt weak, I was lying in bed and I just sit down on bed to drink some water when I felt a gush of warm fluid ..
I can’t tell how I felt. My husband brought me immediately to the hospital and they said that I probably had PPROM (PPROM test was positive), but the fluid inside was at a good level, cervix shortened a little (39 mm).. Doctors said diagnosis was really bad and that I could interrupt the pregnancy but I refused. I wanted that baby with all of my heart and I had the hope that what they were saying had not happened, this couldn’t have happened..
After two weeks in the hospital (antibiotics, blood analysis every second day), situation dramatically got worse: AFI 5 and I was leaking fluid ... according to the doctors no possibilities for the baby to be sane and to have a future. I took the most difficult decision in my life and we decided to interrupt. I delivered after 20 hours of labour. I hope that my angel will forgive me; I just wanted to save him from further pain and suffering. I trusted the doctors and I am every day wondering if this was the right thing to do. :'(

That’s my story, that’s my sorrow.

I don’t know what it happened, I had no infection. Maybe the hematoma was too big and the membranes weakened due to this and then they broke.. has someone experienced the same?

Thanks for listening my story and sorry for my English. I am really happy to have shared for the first time my experience with you.

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