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Pregnancy Complications / Re: Short cervix 1.8 @ 19 weeks
« Last post by MissKBoss on March 23, 2018 at 06:01 PM »
I will be 24 week tomorrow first big milestone. Soon happy.  How you doing mama?
Pregnancy Complications / Re: Uterus abnormalities....your kidneys!
« Last post by EnglishRose23 on March 23, 2018 at 03:59 PM »
Good idea to share this here. Like you I only had one dr out of a large team think to mention this to me. I Didn't get round to following up on it till a few years later,  but thankfully both kidneys were normal when I finally got them looked at. It was almost surprising to hear that with such a large abnormality in my uterus that somehow everything else had developed ok.
@OBmom - do you also have a cerclage with the pessary?

I don't feel any of the contractions, so that's a good sign.  Nobody seems to think that I'm in preterm labour. 
I'm on 500mg of magnesium every day.  It gives me looser stools, but I figure that's not a bad thing - no straining for me! lol

The sludge is way at the bottom of the cervix, basically sitting against the stitch. It's like my body is trying to get it as far from the baby as possible.

My favourite OB placed by pessary today.  He reminded me that the stitch is doing its job - cervix is still closed, and there is still some length (my new mantra).

I feel so much better with this bit of reassurance and the added support of the pessary.

Hoping I can breathe a little easier until our next appointment - the anatomy scan at 20 weeks.

I may have found a new calling in life: medical researcher for women with cervical insufficiency. 
How can there be so little data on something that impacts so many women???

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: Short Cervix Success Story
« Last post by Anish on March 23, 2018 at 03:34 PM »
Thank you Taylor for the encouragement, much appreciated😊 We all need to hear such stories of hope..
What's Your Story? Tell us. / Short Cervix Success Story
« Last post by TaylorH on March 23, 2018 at 02:39 PM »
I told myself I would come back to this website if my pregnancy ended in success. I found hope in some of the stories I read, and wish to give others some hope from mine.

I found out I was pregnant on June 1st, 2017. We went in at 8 weeks for our first appointment for measurements and heartbeat. All was normal. My next appointment was at 12 weeks, standard appointment with no ultrasound. All was normal. I was then scheduled to come in at 16 weeks for a cervical check because I had a LEEP done a few years ago. My cervical measurement was 2.9cm. I really had no idea if that was normal, so I asked and the ultrasound tech said it was a little on the short side.. but didn't give me anymore info. I then went to the next room where I would talk with my doctor. She said it wasn't a huge concern right now, because it was so close to the 3.0cm that they consider normal. She said it was up to me, but that she would refer me to the specialist, Maternal Fetal Medicine, if I wanted. I am a huge worrier, so I said YES to see the specialist. I had an appointment scheduled for about a week later.

My first appointment with MFM went well, my cervix was actually 3.2cm! I was relieved, but still had that worry in the back of my mind. When I met with the doctor, he said that it looked great but that they would continue to keep an eye on it. Well, I went once a week and the measurements were stable so they sent me back to my regular OB's office. Well, at 23 weeks my cervical measurement was 2.5cm. I was so upset, crying in the ultrasound room. I was terrified that I was only half was through this pregnancy, and was experiencing cervical shortening. They referred me back to the specialist. A week later, at my ultrasound at MFM, it dropped again to 2.3 and the doctor told me it was very risky to have a cerclage placed at this point in my pregnancy(24weeks), so we opted OUT of that. He said that we could place a pessary in if it continued to shorten. He told me to come back in 3 days to check again since it seemed to be shortening pretty fast. It ended up being the same. I was placed on modified bedrest (but I put myself on almost full bedrest because I was scared). I was also given Progesterone suppositories that I inserted vaginally each night, 200mg) I went for weekly checks until I was 27 weeks. The measurements stayed at 2.3cm. I was told that at that point in my pregnancy, that I could be checked at 30 weeks, but that it wouldn't be necessary after that! I prayed that I would make it to 30 weeks!! Sure enough, I made it to 30..then 31.. then 32... My last cervical check was 2.0cm at 30 weeks. I started going on short walks around 32 weeks and steadily increased the walk time each week. It felt SO good to get out of the house! I kept that up, and the next thing you know... I'm 39 weeks pregnant! My water broke at 39w2d and I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy.
It was not the pregnancy I had hoped for. We did not get to travel home for the holidays, and I didn't get to have a fit pregnancy. Bed rest was the most depressing time. My husband and I didn't get along and with the stress of work AND me needing him to do everything for me, he was stressed. And all I can say is that it will pass. I made it to full term, when I was praying for just the 30 week mark... and without a cerclage or pessary! I hope for successful pregnancies for all of you.

<3 Taylor
Hi Lauren.

So sorry to hear about your development with the cervix shortening. Still, if your stitch is holding up, that's pretty good news.
Also good that you're placing the pessary (I have one too, it's been in for 6 weeks now. Also had one for my first pregnancy, and I am totally convinced it was what held my cervix  - only had 0.8cm then). Any help you can get is good.

I've told other moms on the forum before: where I work, we only admit for in-patient surveillance moms with a cerclage and CL less than 5mm. Everyone else is allowed to stay at home on modified bed rest.

I know it feels like it's a long and hard road ahead, but try and divide up your goals. In 2 weeks time you should be able to check your baby head to bottom in the anatomy scan, and knowing he/she is healthy will go a long way towards lifting your spirits. The fact you caught things early on in this pregnancy gives you the advantage in dealing with the insufficiency - you have options.

How are the contractions by the way?? Do you feel any at all?
And one last thing: are you on magnesium supplements? It's completely unproven but still, most OB doctors here in Portugal recommend them for uterine irritability.

#GoTeamPessary! :)
Down to 1.3cm, funnelled to the stitch.
Having a pessary placed this morning at 10am as a last ditch effort.  Best case scenario is that things will stabilize.
Doctors seems less reassuring about a positive outcome with these developments so early  :'(
Pregnancy Complications / Uterus abnormalities....your kidneys!
« Last post by kgkane on March 22, 2018 at 11:03 AM »
Hey moms.... the way our OBGYN clinic works is that there are seven doctors and throughout your pregnancy you see all of them to make sure they are all familiar with your case/file and a stranger isn’t delivering your baby. 

Anyway.... I saw a new doctor yesterday, and she mentioned to me about having my Kidneys located and an ultrasound on them.  She emphasized that in women with any abnormality in your uterus there is a higher chance that you could only have one kidney, or that your kidneys are not symmetrical.  There is nothing that can really be done, and I have no symptoms of any kidney trouble, but trying to be proactive with my health.  (I’m due in May, and my ultrasound will not be until October)

Thought I’d share, so you other moms can also ask your  obgyn or family doctors. 
Pregnancy Complications / Re: Shortened Cervix at 22 weeks
« Last post by OBmom on March 22, 2018 at 07:08 AM »
Hi Sparker.

So sorry to hear about our emergency procedure. It's such a good thing you got a specialist though, that cerclage was the only thing that could have helped in that situation.
Other good news is the fact that you didn't PPROM even with bulging membranes.

I can't even imagine the levels of stress you must be going through. Don't feel like this was something you could have avoided or that it is somehow your fault. Keep your support system close - we all know how hard it is at the end of the day when family and friends leave and we're stuck in a hospital room with a big scary "elephant".

I hope things are stable now. It's just 3 more days till Sunday, trust you will make it to viability. Big babies are always a plus in preterm world :)
Keep holdin' on momma, will be thinking of you.
Pregnancy Complications / Re: Shortened Cervix at 22 weeks
« Last post by Sparker1304 on March 22, 2018 at 05:23 AM »
I’m sorry that I haven’t responded back. It’s been a roller coaster for a few days now. I was admitted to the hospital for preterm labor a few days ago. My cervical length when I arrived was 8 mm. They took me in for an emergency cerclage. When I was in the operating room they discovered that my bag of water was bulging and I was 3 cm dilated. Thankfully the high risk ob specializes in cerclages and was able to do one cerclage to gently hold up my bag of water and another to close my cervix. It’s going to be a long road bug he said he’s confident that this will help and at least help me carry to a more comfortable time frame. I’ll be 24 weeks on Sunday and baby was measuring ahead on ultrasound so that’s very reassuring. We are just taking it day by day now.
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