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Today's ultrasound
« on: February 11, 2011 at 05:27 PM »
So I'm 19 weeks, 1 day with the twins & shortened cervix and I contracted ALL NIGHT LONG, every 2-4 minutes. I finally fell asleep this morning around 7am. They told me to come in immediately when I called this morning, so off to the office I went. Ultrasound turned out GREAT! The babies look wonderful, and my cervix is now 4cm! That's nearly normal! I don't think I've had a cervix that thick so far. It was 2.7cm last checked. So I was hoping they'd lighten up on the bedrest and let my hubby take me out on Valentine's Day, but they said NO. =( I know I have SO much to be thankful for, and I couldn't believe how great my cervix is holding up, but I'm bummed.
 They changed my medicine and put me on procardia, which is causing my heart to beat 130 times a minute and giving me a headache. I was disappointed in the way the communication was in the office, the physician I saw had NO idea I was on brethine, and said I shouldn't be on that medication so early anyway, regardless of my contractions. I think I was telling a few of you mothers on here that doctor's aren't perfect and it's good to do your own research and question them... well, here's a prime example.
My husband is getting ready to take my five year old to her first dance (Daddy-daughter dance), and I can't go get pictures! =(
I'm thankful, really, I am. But I was hoping they would modify the bedrest in some way. Kind of bummed they didn't. I assume it's because they know the bedrest is working and I'm still contracting. However it helps me to be more compliant since I can see some positive results from it.
Does anyone else on here feel like a flaccid incubator? I'm going to be one ball of mush after I deliver!  :-\

Due date: 7/7/2011
Twins (we're not finding out the sexes!)
5th pregnancy (5yrs old-put on bedrest with her @ 35wks for PIH)
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Put on bedrest this pregnancy @ 17weeks for Cervical shortening & preterm labor
Thanking God for each day I'm given with my twins!


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Re: Today's ultrasound
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2011 at 06:03 PM »
Sorry babe, get used to being a permanent couch potato. :(  Your cervical length will probably continue to fluctuate, so don't take the 4cm for granted.  Do whatever you can to keep your twins until you get past the 'danger zone'.

And Valentine's Day at home can still be romantic.....hopefully you don't have gestational diabetes and can enjoy some chocolates.  :)
Baby Girl EDD 3/10/11.  Bed rest since 25wks (11/23/10), due to contractions & history of pre-term delivery.