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Author Topic: I have been on bed rest since I was 25 weeks!  (Read 2174 times)


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I have been on bed rest since I was 25 weeks!
« on: April 18, 2009 at 09:46 PM »
At 25 weeks and five days I woke up and had some pretty heavy bleeding! I went to the emergency room and apparently the bleeding had caused me to have mild contractions! So they admitted me to the hospital and I was on magnesium for three days!! That stopped the contractions and I was able to go home on the fourth day. After about a million internal exams and ultrasounds they still couldn't figure out what was wrong with me.   I was then put of strict bed rest for a week! Then I went to my regular doctor (who was out of town the entire time this was happening) and she put me on modified bed rest and wanted me to get an ultrasound the following week to monitor the babies growth.  Well I went for my ultrasound and the doctor told me that my baby's stomach and chest were measuring small.  After that I was referred to a high-risk doctor. When I went to him they did another ultrasound and said she was fine and actually measuring right on track! The doctor thinks that I had a placenta abruption and that we would have to just monitor the baby an I.  So I am on modified bed rest for a least another month!! I am going crazy!! But at least I am able to walk around a little bit and drive myself places if I need to! Well that is my story!!