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Author Topic: week 25 on bed rest til baby girl comes.  (Read 2211 times)


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week 25 on bed rest til baby girl comes.
« on: April 18, 2009 at 11:57 PM »
  My story is very complicated and kinda long this is my 10th pregnancy yup 10 I have two beautiful boys but I had 5 miscarrages befor I got my first one.  After Jackson was born 5 years ago I had a still birth at 27 weeks and 5 months later I was pregnant again with Hogan he was born at 32 weeks.  Then I had another miscarriage.  I've been on progesterone sinse about 20 weeks with this pregnancy but in a two week period my cervix went from 4 cm to 2 cm so they did an emegancy cerclage and i was on modified bedrest they said the cerclage took my cervix back up to 3.6 cm but this last thursday I want into the specialist and they said my cervix is back down to 1.5 cm they hospitalized me overnight for monitoring and to do a FFN it came back negative and baby is doing great so I'm home now on strict bedrest.  The boys dad took them to his place (divorced) and I keep in close contact with them.  I miss them but this is something I have to do for the baby.  My fiance has been the best despite the stress of having to support us now that I can't work. I know he's stressed about bills, I wish I could help.  So thats my story I'll keep you all updated or you can check me out on Twitter.   justjestoyou