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Author Topic: on bed rest and been on a diabetic diet  (Read 1773 times)


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on bed rest and been on a diabetic diet
« on: April 18, 2009 at 11:59 PM »
Ok I've been on bed rest since march 22nd. And the warning signs came when I was working I started spotting pink and then brown. I went to the er and doctor said everything seems ok. There is no constant bleeding and its old blood so go home on no bed rest. He told me that I had marginal previa. So 1 day passes and I start bleeding heavly. I go in he does an unltasound and says well now its complete previa. The doctor was puzzzled as to why it was marginal a day ago to complete. They do a second ultrasound to be sure and yup its complete. I stayed in the hospital for 5 days. Stopped bleeding and came home again on the 27 of march. A week or so goes by and on April 7th I go back in the ER for bleeding again. So I stay for a week and I'm home now on bedrest. I've taken up knitting and embrodering. My family has really steped up and been there for me.  But being on a diabetic diet is really hard when I just want to wallow in sweets and chocolate. Did you know that sugar free choc
 Olate has sugar alcohol in it and its worse for you...just found that out darn it! I have 2 boys ones 4 and one is 16 mnths. And this is my first baby girl on the way. Pray for lil rosie...thanks