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Author Topic: New here and need some input at 33 weeks  (Read 1825 times)


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New here and need some input at 33 weeks
« on: April 27, 2009 at 07:51 PM »
Well, at 31 weeks I was told I was to go on bed rest due to contractions.
I went to the doctors for my NST test.  At the visit the doctor notices I am contracting.
I never felt it.  So they send me directly to labor and delivery at the hospital which is on the same street.
I already had my weekly BPP ultrasound which is apart of my regimen due to IUGR.   
So, I arrive and they monitor me some more and release me with a vague bed rest order.
All I knew was I had to rest, I could shower and prepare my own quick meals (not cook but just throw together something quick).
They also put me on Iron and  10 mg of Procardia to stop the contractions.    I already was taking baby aspirin for IUGR to promote the thining of my placenta for more nutrients to the baby.   This actually is helping.  The babys gestational measurement are about two weeks behind but the weight is now  normal for his due date.  I am happy about the improvement but I wasnt sure if there was even really a big issue there.   My fertility background has been a little precarious.   I have had PCOS since a teen.  I am not 36.   Last summer, I took Clomid to get pregnant but I broke up with my fiance.  The only good thing was that I  began having my period regularly for the first time in my life from May to September but never on a regular 28 day cycle and usually for 2-3 days.    Well low and behold I got preganant in September which was a shock (which i wont get into) but welcomed. 

Now, getting back to my current dilema.   I went into the doctors for my weekly BPP last Monday.  At the visit,  they also did a vaginal ultrasound because it was detected at my last visit that I had a shortened cervix.     I knew the results were concerning because after I got dressed the sonographer came back after five minutes with a head nurse.    They told me I had to be admitted to labor and delivery immediately.   They were even concerned that I had to drive myself from the office to the hospital which is less than a mile away.
Well, when I arrived they told me to expect to stay for at least a night.  I was having contractions every two minutes and I could feel only some of them.   They didnt feel like the ones I had on bed rest at home.  They were definately more intense.  I did have some which were mild like the week before.  At this point the small contractions were called irritation.   The more clenching feeling was what the monitors were detecting as larger contractions.   It was also determined I was dialated to 1cm.  So I was given IV fluid, steriod shot, antibiotics for the ?PHB and 20mg of procardia.   They wanted to slow and stop the contractions and dialation.  So this goes on for the next two days.

I get up Wednesday and I was told to expect to be here until I am 34 weeks.  I was just surprised to the reason why?  Well, I was told at the weekly doctors meetings it was decided to monitor me.  Also, it was safer to get me to 34 weeks then to have a delivery at 32.  I  think anyone with common sense would want to be keep the baby in longer.  I know that full term is between 36-37 depending on the practice principles of how they introduce it to you in the begining of your pregnancy.   I also knew from the perinatologist that 36 weeks might be my measuring stick due to the growth restriction issue.   Today, I broke down and wanted some answers.   I wanted to know what is the game plan.  It seems like its a one day at a time until 34 weeks.  The doctor says you may go home at that time.  Now how can that happen.  I can even feel my contractions and my cervicx is "paper thin" and 70% effaced.   As well as, my procardia was dropped down to 10 mg every 8 hours  because my blood pressure was becoming to low.   I have been have really strong contractions usually anywhere from 3 minutes in an 1/2 hour or 6 to8 minutes apart in an hour. I cant feel them anymore and only go by the monitor.   I basically scared to go home because of this.

Has anyone had a similiar issue?
What did they tell you?
Any help on maybe how to approach this is helpful?