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The Briana Saga
« on: January 02, 2009 at 08:42 PM »
My daughter will be 3 on March 22nd.  She was born 6 weeks early... here is her story....

I was in ultrasound school when I found out that I was pregnant.  Well I should have known how the whole thing was going to go based on the night I told my then bf, now husband.  I took the test by myself and figured that I would suprise him, so I went to the store and bought a blanket, bottle, and a card.  Well for some reason there are no "Hey Guess What? You're going to be a dad!"  cards so I got one with the next best thing...a stork. He was working two jobs and came home about 3a.m. from his second.  I handed over the card and he looked at it for like 10 minutes, little did I realize he was sleeping, lol.  Well then he asks me why there are seagulls on it, lol!!!

At school, the instructor asked if she could scan me as a demonstration and eager to see the baby, I said yes.  A few minutes in, she asks if I had an Ultrasound yet, I was only about 15 weeks, so I said no.  She then informed me that my cervis was short 2.5 cm.  So I head to the OB and she sends me to the high risk fetal assessment center.  After the inital US, they decided I had to come back and often.  

Then at 22 weeks, I started having massive contractions.  I went to the ER and they sent me to L&D.  The nurse put the monitor way above my uterus, so needless to say they weren't picking up any of the contractions I was having.  When she finally came back and after my 11th glass of fluid, lol,  I had informed her that I was feeling them way lower.  She moved the monitor down and PRESTO major contractions.   I was then given two shots of trubuterline, If anyone has had those, you feel my pain.  I wasnt dilated so I was allowed to go home...on STRICT bedrest.  Well Im not sure how they consider it STRICT when I was going to the Assessment Center twice a week and the OB's once.

After a bunch of visits, they decided that the baby was not growing and diagnosed me with IUGR (intrauterine Growth Restriction(retardation)).  I had two non stress tests a week and then a BPP since my lovely lady always managed to fail the non stress tests.  I was back on the L&D two more times for those lovely contractions and had discussed a full time TB pump(luckily that didnt happen).  During one of the hundred non stress tests my BP was on the rise and had been for a few weeks.  So that tricky nurse sent me to L&D once again for "bloodwork".  I called my husband to let him know, but told him to not bother coming since I should be done soon.

So for the BIG DAY...just making the 34 week mark, and thinking I was having routine bloodwork, the registration lady asks me all these questions about delivering. I was like "Oh no lady I dont think you understand, Im just here for some bloodwork". She then hands over the birth certificate and SS Card paperwork.  My husband comes over and they decide at noon that they were going to give me Cervadel to start to soften the cervix.  Shortly after, I had to be put on the MAG because of my BP.   Just for a heads up, the mag is horrible.  You shake uncontrollably and are furiously HOT, I was OUT of it.   And shortly after that I was given pitocin to induce contractions (since coincidentally I wasnt having them at that time, lol).  Well if you guys know and Im sure you all do.....The MAG while lowering my BP is also preventing the contractions while the pitocin is trying to induce them.  I swear I was 3 cm FOREVER.  

FINALLY, the next morning about 7:30 a.m. my husband is getting ready to leave to take my stepson to school.  I started to have some pressure, so I asked him to get a nurse.  Three more times ringing the buzzer later...who walks in DAD.  Well I was extremely uncomfortable then, so I yelled at him to get a nurse.  An Ob comes in who is not mine and checks me, 6cm.  He tells me he will order more epidural.  Finally at 8:10 a.m. my OB comes in and decides she has to check me again......well I was already 10 cm.  My husband is still not back yet...and Im scared.  Finally at 8:18 a.m. my daughter is my hubby is walking in the door.  

No one was ready..the incubator was not working and wouldnt heat up, the NICU didnt even know I was in labor and the pediatrcian was no where in sight.  A flurry of things happen and the NICU RN grabs my tiny daughter and tells me, "Give here a kiss now beacuse this baby isnt going to be able to breathe on her own".  As she is rushed to the NICU my hubby and dad are on the move and chasing.  Well that little angel did breathe on her own (only a few issues with de-sat while eating).  And 15 days later, she was all mine.