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Author Topic: What? I'm in Labor?  (Read 2633 times)


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What? I'm in Labor?
« on: January 05, 2009 at 11:45 PM »
At 30 weeks I was having a great pregnancy. I had gained about 30lbs and I thought I was right on track with my pregnancy and my weight, considering I was eating everything I ever wanted. No complications, everything was normal. At 31 weeks I went to the OBGYN to report very swollen feet. I had gained 12lbs in 1 week!  I was in shock and very concerned. The nurses checked my blood pressure concerned with pre-clampsia, but I was fine. The doctor checked my cervix and I was completely closed, he said that was simply the way my body was dealing with pregnancy. So off I went at 32 weeks I went back to the OBGYN for a routine appointment. After some routine questions they determined I needed to be hooked up to a machine to see if I was having real contractions or just braxton hicks. After 30 mintues I was sent to the hospital to be montiored for possible pre-term labor. I was in shock, but I wasn't scared. I felt fine other than my swolleness. I didn't really even feel the contractions. I have very bad periods, so I guess I was waiting to feel something as painful as when I have my period. At the hospital I was admitted and montiored for a few hours. My husband was on travel in Tucson which was about 2 hours from where I was. He asked if he should come and I told him no that I was fine. A few hours later the contractions started getting increasingly painful, soon I was screaming (literally) for the doctor and grabbing on the nurses shirts telling them that I thought I was going to die. The pain was inmeasurable. They kept checking my cervix which was still closed and determined I was experiencing unusual back labor and gave me some medicine to stop the pain and the contractions. I went home that night, told to continue the medicine and come back in if anything happened. My husband was still in Tuscon, so I went home and tried to get some very needed rest. Around 1AM I started getting bad contractions again.   I headed to the hospital and was admitted again.The pain was again inmeasurable I told the doctor to please let me have the baby, but it was too early even though they were sure if he was born he would be okay due to his high weight, but they were unsure about his lung development.This time they started me on magnesium. I was on mag for the next 3 days. It was so bad, the worst. I still had alot of pain, but not as bad. Weirdly enough Bengay really helped, since all of my labor was in my back. My husband stayed with me the whole time. The mag made me very ill, I couldn't walk move around or anything. My vision was very blurred and my skin was on fire and my mouth was so dry no matter how much water I drank. My husband had to wake up and take me to the bathroom everytime I had to pee because I refused the cathater and I hated going in the bed pan. I was on a series of drugs for pain which made me sick because I wasn't allowed to eat anything except for a liquid diet. One night I was given Vicodin for pain and I immediately  threw up and peed myself all in the matter of seconds. Thank goodness my husband was there to help and comfort me. I begged the doctor to take me off the mag and it took 24 hours to ween off of it before he would let me go home. I was on bed rest and on home meds for the next two weeks. At 36 weeks I was off the medicine and doing well. My swolleness increased and I was constantly going to my OBGYN to be tested for pre-clampsia but my blood pressure and everything was completely normal. At 38 1/2 weeks my water broke. 17 hours and only 9 centimeters dialated, and emergencey C-Section was ordered. I weighed in at 206lbs when I gave birth to my son. I was devestated! After my son was born and after I got off a bit of the drugs nothing else mattered. He was perfect! One year prior to this I had my first pregnancy that ended at 16 weeks. It was concluded that I had a molar pregnancy and the fetus was dead at 8 weeks but my body did not react to it. I ended up passing the fetus the weekend before my scheduled D&C. It was quite tramatic, but I am so thankful now for my beautiful son. Oh and the 206lbs, I lost 30lbs in two weeks. The rest is coming off very slowly, but I haven't really been doing anything to try and lose it. I still have 30lbs to lose to get back to my pre-baby weight.  Be active in 2009!
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