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Author Topic: Monday Roll Call for June 6  (Read 10073 times)


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Re: Monday Roll Call for June 6
« Reply #15 on: June 06, 2011 at 07:20 PM »
Hello Ladies!
Just checking in - I'm 28w3d (twins) today, and still in the hospital (pre-term labor, short cervix).  I've been here 4 weeks now, and eager to go home.  My doctors have given me a tentative discharge date of June 13, if all continues to go well.  My contractions have mostly subsided, but still continue to have some uterine irritibility, and usually have about an hour or two of irregular contractions in the evening.  I had my weekly CL today, and happy to report that I'm holding steady around 1.5 cm, which is great (I've fluctuated btw 1.4 and 1.8 over the past few weeks)- doctors have said that they won't discharge me if CL is less than 1 cm.  I'm really hoping that things continue to look good until next Monday and I can get out of here! 

I have a new dilemma - my doctors have recommended home uterine activity monitoring (HUAM) once I'm discharged, but just found out that my insurance doesn't cover any kind of monitoring (their coverage policy actually states thaty there is NO proven therapy to extend pregnancy for longer than 7 days once a woman is diagnosed with preterm labor - we all know that isn't true, or we wouldn't be here!).  We now need to decide if we pay for this out of pocket, or go without.  Does anyone have experience with HUAM?  I mean, I know what a contraction feels like, so not sure how necessary this service is, but want to weigh my options. 

Good luck to fellow bed resters! 



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Re: Monday Roll Call for June 6
« Reply #16 on: June 06, 2011 at 07:50 PM »
kimmd - it aint over till its over. It sounds like you lost your mucus plug. That doesn't mean you are done. Lots of women go on for weeks after that happens. Just keep focusing on earning a day at a time. Hang in there.

afm- 34.5 weeks pregnant. My baby has figured out how to kick me so that it feels like she is kicking my diaphragm. I am 9 days from my cerclage removal - I can't believe it. We are so close to the finish line - it looks like I will reach term.
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Re: Monday Roll Call for June 6
« Reply #17 on: June 06, 2011 at 08:17 PM »
Hey everyone!

Well, I reach term tomorrow at 37 weeks. Yay!!  I've been off bedrest now for 1 week and it is great!  Of course, I get tired very easily and can't take the heat very long.  It is wonderful to participate in my 14 mth olds life again!
NST last week was good.  Still 4cm dilated, 80% effaced and -1 station.  Having some contractions, mostly when I am active but nothing consistent.  BPP at this Thursday's appt.  Last check on CL(over 3wks ago) had me at 1.7cm.
Game plan is to induce at 39 weeks if I don't go into labor first.  We will see...

Truthfully, I didn't take bedrest very seriously at first.  Then, at 33wks, I got put in the Hospital for 5 days and had to get the steriods.  I stayed in bed after that!  It is worth it!  Keep up the good work!!
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Re: Monday Roll Call for June 6
« Reply #18 on: June 06, 2011 at 11:33 PM »
Sorry for the late check-in. You would think that with super strict bed rest (only allowed bathroom privelages and a 5 min shower) I would have nothing better to do! I guess the good thing with that is that the days continue to slip by fairly quickly :)

I'll be 35 weeks on Thursday....14 weeks of bed rest....only 3 1/2 weeks to go til my cerclage removal and delivery!!! I'm getting really excited for life to continue and to be able to be an active participant in it again!!!

I've been having some pretty super contractions the last couple of days, nothing that stays regular, but they pack quite a punch and leave me squirming and breathless. Does this mean the end is sooner than I think?

My brother-in-law is getting married in two weeks. The ceremony is 5 hours away. Of course I won't be attending, but I feel bad that my sweet husband has been put in a tough or his brother's wedding? He says it's not even a question..he'll be staying with me. I kind of hope that our baby comes next week some time (after I hit 36 weeks) so that he'll be here for the delivery and almost a week after and still be able to attend the wedding.

I've been getting super depressed lately....feeling sorry for myself for all the things I have missed. I'm trying really hard to focus on what I am doing for our baby girl, but it still is hard. I know you all understand. My doc says I should be grateful that it didn't hit me until now...most struggle from the very beginning. Only 3 or so weeks my mom has always told me "You can do hard things!" this is definitely one of those hard things!!
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Re: Monday Roll Call for June 6
« Reply #19 on: June 07, 2011 at 12:51 AM »
Hi all. I happily reach the 28 week goal today.  I am still in the hospital on bed rest. I'm starting my 6th week of hospital bed rest. I'm in for a short cervix. So far I really haven't had any contractions to speak of and the baby looks great on the NST tests. I go in for another soon and cl check tomorrow. Depending how it turns out, they may let me go home on bed rest.  I would love to go home to have more time with my 20 month old, but I am trying not to get my hopes up too much.

Glad to hear you guys are still cooking and that some reached the full term mark this week. That's great!


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Re: Monday Roll Call for June 6
« Reply #20 on: June 07, 2011 at 04:05 AM »
Dear All,

I'm still here at 34+3 days - so happy to have reached the 34 weeks, but still not quite sure that I dare follow the doctors advice that I can get off bedrest now. I'm taking it a bit slow which hasn't been that hard since I'm now the happy owner of a stomach flue - hoping that will clear up and looking forward to seeing my midwife wednesday. In Denmark you actually don't see an OB during pregnancy unless you have complications so since I'm now 34 weeks and according to the OB out of the woods I'm now a 'normal' pregnant woman and will from now on be followed by my midwife - so weird being normal all of the sudden :-)

Hope you all hang in there

Best Regards/Line
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Re: Monday Roll Call for June 6
« Reply #21 on: June 07, 2011 at 07:28 AM »
hi ladies-

I'm 29 weeks. I'm up late with some watery pink discharge that started in earnest this evening. It all started with a yeast infection last week from the antibiotics. I thought it was just that but now the infection has been treated and the slight pinkish discharge has increased. My doctor told me just to hold on. I haven't had cramping, but a low back pain today. Contractions no more a couples times an hour so I'm going to try to stay positive and hang in there. I've already had the steroid shots so now its out of my hands-I only get up to go to the bathroom but now have commode next to my bed in hospital. 99% of day is laying down.

Mckoygirl- you are an inspiration!!!!

Have a great week ladies and stay positive- im going to try!!!\
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Re: Monday Roll Call for June 6
« Reply #22 on: June 07, 2011 at 09:29 AM »
babyrom- When I was at your gestation, I could tell when one of the babies would flip and be feet first because of the low kicking/movement in my pelvis. Perhaps he's just in the breech position right now?

Kristinenicolle - Yay for you!  :D You've come so far!!! Maybe the baby will wait til you can nest a little more back in your home.  ;) Funny you mentioned the whale thing, my father yesterday came to our pool (which I'm allowed in now) and started saying: "Put her back in! Free Willy!"  :-[

sarahker- So excited they're talking about discharging you! I hope you get to go soon. That's one blessing I had during this whole time I haven't taken for granted. I was only in the hospital one day.  :-\  As far as the HUAM goes, they wanted to put me on it but my insurance denied it as well. We elected not to do it because I felt the same, I knew what a contraction felt like, when they normally occur (night time, 8pm-3am), and we didn't want to cough up the money since we're single income now. I've had a few patients who've worn them and haven't seen too much benefit. As long as you know what to do when you have contractions (hydrate, side-laying, warm bath, go to L&D if they persist in timing/strength) , then there isn't too much they're doing for you. I think it's probably more beneficial in women who don't know they're having contractions, nor what to do. That's all my opinion so take it as that. Do whatever you feel is best for you.

Mommadown- So excited! 37 weeks is awesome! Your baby is going to be a chubby, normal, happy baby! How psyched are you?!?!  :D  At 4cm, you don't have far to go. I'd be all over my husband at this point telling him he better help me get things going!!!  ;)

Bug- Yay that you've made it to the 35 week mark!!!!! Although I hope you don't contract like that for weeks, you may. I'm 36 weeks this Thursday and have been contracting like that for 2 weeks. Some actually wake me up at night and I'm moaning in my sleep before I realize I'm having a contraction. Mostly late afternoons and evenings. I have some throughout the day but they're just pressure. I understand you're hope of your husband making it to his brother's wedding, maybe he'll get to. My hubby told me that tomorrow (Wednesday) is the only day I can't have the twins because he has a huge telephone/conference presentation (he's been working on for 4 months) he HAS to lead tomorrow. Watch- Murphy's Law....  ;)   The depression is normal in my opinion. Although I've struggled with it on & off this whole time, I've been better lately until about 1 week ago. I think the anticipation/excitement of imminent delivery mixed with the emotions of nothing happening yet (and  am I even ready?) has triggered mine. Plus I'm so outta shape now that I feel helpless and useless still. It doesn't help that every conversation begins with: "Have you had the babies yet?" or "Well?". I feel like the watched pot!

tully333- You are an inspiration as well! I can't imagine hospital bedrest and my heart goes out to any mother who's been through that.  :( You're doing great! 29 weeks is awesome. Hopefully you'll get to a point where they feel comfortable letting you go home. Pink discharge is better than red discharge, so hang in there. It may be the yeast infection has irritated your cervix. Pay close attention to the characteristics and amount of discharge, and always tell your nurses about it. Are you wearing a pad? If you do, save it for the nurses to see. That's something that sounds gross, but I tell all my patients that. It helps give us an idea of what's going on and if it changes.

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Re: Monday Roll Call for June 6
« Reply #23 on: June 07, 2011 at 10:06 AM »
37 weeks tomorrow!! its funny how 10 weeks ago we were doing everything to keep the little guy still cooking and now I have hung up the no vacancy sign and i think he is going to hang in there forever.. this past weekend was a rough one... bunches of contractions but nothing regular, then yesterday i woke up and there was a gush of something that smelled horrific. so i called the doctor and went in and of course nothing was wrong.. im so tired of stressing and then nothing wrong.. i swear they are going to be tired of me.. but i would rather be safe then sorry... nursery is finally all set up so now its just a waiting game..with this weather and how hot it is i hope its soon.. im just so happy i made it this far..
good luck to everyone else and congrats to all the babies born this past week...
CLem   :)
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Re: Monday Roll Call for June 6
« Reply #24 on: June 07, 2011 at 11:12 AM »
I'm here still, will be at 36 weeks tomorrow! Wow, can't believe i made it this far too (bedrest from week 27 for short cervix) and sounds like a lot of you are around the same point- how interesting to be 8 weeks on bedrest and now all of a sudden.....what to do- well i spent week 35 trying to do more around home (actually at my parents' where i was staying) to build up my stamina but it didn't work so well. then i went back to work last Thursday and moved home to be with husband and toddler on the weekend. it's now my 4th day back at work and i'm not sure what to do- i want to be back here and be productive, but yesterday i had a really hard day sitting up the whole time and had TONS of contractions and pain in the cervix. not sure what's going on. i'm soooo weak and tired, everything wears me out.
now i sort of wish i had been able to be home by myself for a while, to get the house ready for baby, because it's a mess and i don't have anything organized or cleaned or my bag packed- and when i get home from work i have NO energy to work on it....
also i think the baby turned back to breech. she's doing strange movements and i feel a hard head like thing up at the first baby was breech and i had to have a version to turn him (thankfully it worked) but i was really hoping to avoid that this time on top of everything else. but, i have an appt this afternoon with my OB so hopefully i'll get him to look at the u/s to know for sure.
so glad to hear of everyone else's stories this past week!
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Re: Monday Roll Call for June 6
« Reply #25 on: June 07, 2011 at 02:06 PM »
Join us in the Chat Room now (see menu above) to ask our OB anything, and to talk with other bedrest mamas!

We chat live every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 pm Eastern.


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Re: Monday Roll Call for June 6
« Reply #26 on: June 08, 2011 at 08:26 PM »
Hi Ladies!

I haven't checked in for a while... I am 39 weeks today.

Can't believe it, I got my Cerclage out 3 weeks ago and have been off bedrest. So nice! Amazingly after all of that NO BABY. She decided she really liked it in there ;)

I am scheduled to be induced next Wed. Her original due date. I am hoping to go before then. I have been walking a lot and trying to stay active... we will see!

Hope you are all doing wonderful!