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Author Topic: too little amniotic needs to come out soon  (Read 1785 times)


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hi ladies

i am back after a not so good doctors visit. i am 25 wks 4 days and today we discovered that most of my amniotic fluid has disapeared and doctor is planning on keeping a close eye on the situation and delivering baby within the next 4 weeks. this is really scarey stuff, all i want to do is run a hundred miles and hide.  but i guess it cant be that easy, so i have the next 4 weeks to prepare and get myself in the right frame of mind to cope with a preemie.

this entire pregnancy i have set my sight on 28 weeks and blindly focused on getting there, i havent allowed myself to think further, ive always said that once i am at 28 weeks ill deal with the rest. now i might not even make it to 28 wks. but my little leah is a fighter she is already nearly 950 gr and at every oppertunity show us what a lively little fighter she is. all i am hoping is that she can hang in there for a few more weeks. the doctors all agree that she is already "viable" but i am so scared for her.


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Re: too little amniotic needs to come out soon
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One of my friends said that she read a heart warming story in People Magazine (in May of 2009) about micro preemies who were born at 23- and 24- weeks. She said in the article was about preemies that were born 18 years ago and how many are doing very well some are even in college now!  I haven't read it, and was not able to find it online!!  Can anyone help me find it?   

"Sometimes just believing that an extremely premature infant has a good chance of surviving and thriving can make a difference in their prognosis."  Dr. Ronald Hoekstra