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Author Topic: Safe Exercises while On Bedrest  (Read 2126 times)


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Safe Exercises while On Bedrest
« on: November 13, 2011 at 11:03 PM »
Hello Ladies,
It's Darline Turner-Lee, @mamasonbedrest if you're on Twitter. I am so thankful to Angela and those of you who joined us on the chat last week, asking about guidance for exercises to do while on bed rest. Just wanted to let you know, If you are looking for guidance on how to stay toned and strong while safely using movement to preventing aches and pains while on bed rest, then Bedrest Fitness online is for you!

Bedrest Fitness online is a live version of my DVD Bedrest Fitness. For 4 weekly sessions, I will lead you through a series of stretching and toning exercises that are simple yet effective in stimulating your muscles without putting your pregnancy at risk. Full details including what you will need as far as computer connection and webcam are at Early bird registration ends Friday, November 18th. Hope to SEE you!! ;)

Darline Turner-Lee
Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond