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Author Topic: 3rd L&D visit at 28 weeks and this one was actually labor :(  (Read 2168 times)


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So I have been to L&D twice with BH. The first time I had positive FFN and was given tributaline (sp?) and sent home. Second time just IV fluids for 24 hours. I have been feeling fine the last week, still having contractions but doc figured it was just going to be normal now until labor. Well today at my weekly checkup my cervix was much shorter. Last week it was 3.18 and today it was 1.55. I knew as soon as she put the probe in there it wasn't the same. It is still closed and not dilating, but they sent me to L&D.
So I have been here since 10 am on fluids, magnesium and a liquid diet. The contractions were every 3 min when I came in but have slowed down since I have been on the meds. Magnesium is a wild ride. I've gotten used to it now after these few hours. I got a steroid shot and I will be here at least until tomorrow afternoon to get the second steroid shot. The babies are doing fine and both head down at the moment. They are just watching the contractions now. If they think I might go into labor, they will transfer me to the other hospital a few blocks away that has a NICU. I hope they send me home instead!
This all just snuck up on me, I thought I was doing good. Well, just thought I'd share. If anyone has any suggestions of things to do while stuck in the hospital, let me know. I love to cross-stitch but they put the IV in my wrist and I just can't do it with this in the way.

Also, this is my first pregnancy and I am pregnant with b/g twins, 28 weeks today.
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Re: 3rd L&D visit at 28 weeks and this one was actually labor :(
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HI :) welcome and im SS your having of luck keeping the baby in!!! what i do is download a bunch of games from websites like msn games and pogo and i play them when im in the hospital!!! its a good way of passing the time by. I hope these next few weeks go by uber fast!!! and your babies come out healthy!!!