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Author Topic: placental seperation/subchoronic hematoma  (Read 2579 times)


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placental seperation/subchoronic hematoma
« on: June 22, 2009 at 01:28 PM »
I was diagnosed with placenta seperation/subchornic hematoma going on 3 weeks ago now at 23 weeks.  I was intially in the hospital a couple days with contraction and some bleeding and have been on modified bedrest since.  I am a nurse but work in a family practice clinic that doesn't deal with any pregnancy complications so I really know very little about all this.  When I saw my doctor last week (that was my 1 wk hosp f/u) I had had some bleeding and is all he said is continue bedrest and see me again in a week.  I have now been free from bleeding for a week now and scheduled for my weekly follow-up with OB this Wednesday.  I am just wondering for anyone with this how long were you placed on bedrest and/or what was the outcome?  At first I was very worried that if I had to be on bedrest for the rest of this pregnancy I would lose my job.  Now after some internet research (something I advise patient's against... lol) I am actually afraid to go back to work and could care less about what happens to my job.  We had 2 prior 1st trimester losses before this pregnancy and didn't get pregnancy easily w/ any of my pregnancies so I will do whatever I have to.