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Author Topic: Cervix at 1.9  (Read 3575 times)


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Cervix at 1.9
« on: March 23, 2012 at 08:31 PM »
Been on modified bedrest since 24 weeks with a short cervix and contractions.  Pregnant with twins btw.  Cervix is 1.9 or so.  It seems from other peoples post that they are either on strict bedrest or in the hospital with a cervix this short.  Are my doctors missing something.  Taking nifedipine and prometrium and try to stay off my feet.  Cervix is unchanged at 31 weeks and contractions are much less.  Just curious what justifies strict bedrest or hospitalization.  Thanks
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Re: Cervix at 1.9
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2012 at 07:19 PM »
i'm not having twins but have shortening cervix due to lletz procedure just over a year ago. I was put on bedrest at home, when my cervix was down to 1.4cm on week 24. I think i wasn't being strict enough at home coz it was down to 8mm on week 26 and my dr said i had to be admited. I've been on strict bedrest in hospital for 2 week, only toilet privileges and i even eat lying down as much as i can. My cervix was mesured again yesterday and is up to 1.1cm - not much difference, i know, but better up than down. Drs said they'll let me go home at week 29 (this saurday coming) or possibly next tuesday, after they measure my cervix again (if i go home saturday i'll have to come in to measure cervix on tuesday, doesn't make sense to b travelling back and forth when i'm supposed to spend 24h in bed). They're happy for me to go home if my cervix lenght stays stable, also they admited me at week 26 coz t baby was too small then and if i went into labour it would 'just slip off', not giving them time to do much and having less chances of survival. By being in hospital during these 'critical time', as they called it, it meant that they were able to keep an eye on me and if anything happened i would b in hospital already. I was told that after week 30 i should have a normal labour and t baby has much better chances of survival and of less physical and mental health poblems. So i'm happy to go home but going to b just as strict as in hospital as my partner will b at work all day and if something happens i rather it happens later. 1 week at a time.   
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