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Author Topic: I was finally able to get registered!  (Read 1825 times)


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I was finally able to get registered!
« on: August 28, 2009 at 07:34 PM »
I've been trying to register on the site for a couple of weeks now.... my poor computer is so screwey sometime!

So anyway, here's the story so far: (It'll probably be long since I am so excited to talk to people who actually understand!)

With my 1st pregnancy I started dialating at 28 weeks, was put on hospital bedrest at 34 weeks and delivered at 35 weeks,in June of 2008 Because of this the monitoring was supposed to start early with this pregnancy. I am diabetic s0 they've been monitoring my sugars, but my complaints of contractions and pains went largely ignored.

A couple of weeks ago, on a Friday night I started having contractions, getting stronger and extremely painful. They were about 5 minutes apart for a little over an hour when I first called the doctor. Unfortunately it was Dr. Jerk. (Not his real name, but a name I came up with after he told me that I needed to try meditation instead of meds to deal with lingering PPD from my 1st pregnancy). At my appt with a different doctor around 24 weeks, a care plan was made to monitor me, including cervical checks every 2 weeks, ultrasounds and NSTs. My next appt. was with Dr. Jerk... he questioned all of the other doctors orders, was rude to me and completely blew off any questions and concerns I had. He told me Ihad nothing to worry about and there was no need for all the testing that was ordered. Anyway, after an hour of HARD, painful contractions, I called the answering service and got Dr. Jerk. Who completely blew me off... BIG SHOCK. 

I called back after I laid down, took a shower and drank lots of water, and was still blown off. I spent the whole weekend having contractions before I finally just went to the hospital. I wasn't dialated,but my cervix was softening and shotening. They also did a FFN , which came back positive.

I saw a different doctor and a new care plan wasmade,including me being seen in the office  twice a week.

I went to my appointment today, at 30 weeks and 4 days and I am 1-2cm dialated.I'm stilll on bedrest,sonowI'm just hanging out and waiting!