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Author Topic: Modified bed rest turned into mud wrestling with the dog  (Read 1734 times)


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Modified bed rest turned into mud wrestling with the dog
« on: April 24, 2012 at 06:29 PM »
I am up, but I am really taking it easy, unfortunately today I had to wrestle our sheltie. Mom was taking my dd to gymnastics, she left the gate open and our beloved dog Coco, now renamed Cujo heh heh, got out of the gate. I did not chase her. I stood on the porch and shook dog treats at her, while my half crippled Mom gave chase. It was something out of a comedy, then a neighbor almost ran over her, but stopped to render aid, another neighbor was looking for her cat at the same time, she was carrying a broom. The broom thing escapes me, but she one in her hands and our lovely dog has a weird thing about brooms, she has to be put outside every time some one sweeps. So she has this lady cornered in front of my house and I am trying to not to really move, finally the dog gets close enough to both me and the woman with the broom that I dove on top of her in the mud and caught her. I am certainly paying for it this afternoon, my calves and hips are killing me, but the dog did not get hit by a car. So glad this is my last pregnancy and that we are nearly done.
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