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Author Topic: Cervical shortening at 20 wks, now 23+4 days and under observation for labor  (Read 2197 times)


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My wife had  a cerclage at 13 wks (we are expecting twin girls), since we had previous losses (both boys and both at 16 wks, one was in-utero death and the other  due to IC).

At the 20 wk anomaly scan, the cevix was measured at 1 cm and she was put on hospital bed rest. We hit 23 weeks last Tuesday, but she had some bleeding last night and painful cramps. The doc said that the lower twin was in a breech position and has one leg in the cervical canal, and the membranes are pushing against the cerclage which was causing the bleeding. We were told last night that if she delivers they would not attempt to resuscitate the babies since they had not completed 24 wks and were too small.

She had a scan this morning which showed that the cervix was almost fully dilated. Both babies were measured at 509 gms, which gave us  some hope. We were told that she would be taken to the labor ward immediately and they WOULD attempt aggressive measures if the delivery happens, but we were of course warned of the risks / complications etc, and there is a chance that the lower twin may get suffocated.

My wife has been under observation in the labor room for the last 16 hrs, and is stable - no contractions, pain has reduced significantly and the bleeding as well. She has been given progesterone shots since last night. The heartbeats are still strong. The doc told us that the longer it goes on, the better. Hoping that we can continue till 24 wks (we are 23+4 now and hit 24 next Tuesday) and beyond.

This forum has been a godsend and it is inspiring to read all the experiences / success stories.

I would be keen to know of your experiences for deliveries between week 23 & 24, and if anyone has experienced a similar situation (baby in the cervical canal for an extended period) ?



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Your family is in my thoughts and prayers! I hope you can keep them in there a while longer!
Child #1: Born at 35 weeks, heatlhy
Child #2: Born at 34 weeks, healthy
Child #3: Short Cervix at 21 weeks, strict bedrest for 3 months, 7 weeks of which were hospitalized, dilated to 5 at 28 weeks, baby born at 37 weeks and perfect =)


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While my situation is different from you and your wife's, I do know the stresses of pregnancy complications. With my first, I went into labor at 28 weeks (dialated to 2 cm) but was hospitalized and was able to hold him until 35 weeks on bedrest. With my second, my water broke at 30 weeks and we had to deliver that evening. This third pregnancy, I had a cerclage at 18 weeks. My cervix at that time measured around 2.2 cm. I have been on bedrest almost 10 weeks now  and am praying for a possible 10 more. I will be keeping you, your wife, and the girls in my prayers. Stay strong !
Child #1: Born at 35 weeks, healthy
Child #2: Born at 30 weeks, healthy
Child #3: Cerclage at 18 weeks (cervix 2.2cm), on bedrest since, 27w3d as of 5/7/12