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Author Topic: New to KEC, 22.1 weeks on bedrest, short cervix/ contractions  (Read 3049 times)


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HI everyone.
  So glad to have a place to share story/ get support.  We are 22.1 weeks today 5/28 with
twin baby girls.  This is my first pregnancy.  I was told to stop working 2 weeks ago and put
on bedrest for a cervical length of 2.5cm, closed. I was also having some contractions and went
to the triage 2 times.  Since starting bedrest the contractions are much improved.  I am
also taking procardia q 6-8 depending on my tightness.
   I was Soooo scared at first and still have moments of fear.  I am trying hard to take
it a day at a time and focus on the end goal of having healthy gorgeous babes.
Some questions:
  Anyone find they didn't need procardia as much after starting bedrest?  Some days I
go for 10 hours without a contraction and without procardia.  I've been getting horrible
headaches with it, so I try to take it q 8 at the most.  My doc said it's ok to vary q 6 or q8.

Also:  My last cervical check was the same 2.5cm closed, doc said to wait 2 weeks before
next check.  Is that pretty standard?  I feel like I want someone to check it every week for

Thanks and I wish you all the best.  I'll be around for at least 12 more weeks here!!!


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Re: New to KEC, 22.1 weeks on bedrest, short cervix/ contractions
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2012 at 02:27 PM »
I was never put on procardia or anything like that, but I'm sure someone will reply who has been =)

My situation was similar to yours... at 20 weeks we found out the short cervix and then we were checked the week after and then again the next week when I was admitted to the hospital for contractions and extreme shortening of the cervix. I stayed for a week but after that the two week checks became standard for us. As the pregnancy progressed I was hospitalized again and they never did a cervical check again because after so many weeks they say it doesn't matter. I got the weekly progesterone shots, but that's the only thing I had to prevent labor even though I went into labor twice! I am now 36 and 1 and have pretty much taken myself off of bedrest, but I know my doctor wouldn't mind since this is my 3rd and now my longest pregnancy =) My other two were born at 34 and 35 weeks perfectly healthy so I feel we are in the clear now =) I honestly can't see how most women stay pregnant for 40 weeks, I'm so uncomfortable already! Anyway, good luck to you on your bedrest. Please take it seriously and don't doubt it. It will get rough but it is ALL going to be worth it when you're able to bring home your beautiful baby!
Child #1: Born at 35 weeks, heatlhy
Child #2: Born at 34 weeks, healthy
Child #3: Short Cervix at 21 weeks, strict bedrest for 3 months, 7 weeks of which were hospitalized, dilated to 5 at 28 weeks, baby born at 37 weeks and perfect =)


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Re: New to KEC, 22.1 weeks on bedrest, short cervix/ contractions
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2012 at 04:42 PM »
Thanks for the reply moma of 3,
  When you were on bedrest did you have bathroom privileges?  I pretty much
sleep in my bed and am on the couch laying or slightly reclined with meals.  I have
been using the bathroom but my house is so small it's probably the same size as a
hospital room from couch to bathroom.  Anyways congrats on making it to 36 weeks.
I can't wait to get there!!!!


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Re: New to KEC, 22.1 weeks on bedrest, short cervix/ contractions
« Reply #3 on: June 06, 2012 at 08:37 PM »
Hello! I am new to this as well, but in a similar situation. I am 29 weeks tomorrow (6/7) and am on bedrest for a short cervix (1.7) and funneling. I am also on procardia 20 mg now every 6 hours. I have been getting horrible headaches with it as well, so its not just you! I also have bathroom and shower privileges and can sit up for meals. I have found since I got home from the hospital, I can tell right before I need to take my procardia again because I get very crampy, which is strange to me and I think why they upped it to 20 mg. 
    Us mommas have to hang in there tho! I keep telling myself that every day I keep her in longer is a day she isn't in the NICU   :)
Started bed rest at 28 weeks 2 days for shortened cervix and funneling. First time mommy!!
Everyday I keep her in, is a day she isn't in the NICU :)