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Author Topic: Cerclage Removal Questions  (Read 5048 times)


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Cerclage Removal Questions
« on: April 18, 2012 at 02:57 PM »
I am 35 weeks 3 days today.  Yeah!! :)  I had the cerclage put in at 20 weeks and have been on bed rest ever since.  I am so happy to be this far!!  I was told they would take the cerclage out at 36 weeks.  I went to the doctor today and he has decided to just take it out right before my scheduled C-Section at 39 weeks.  From what I am reading, this is not normal?  Should I ask more questions on why we are waiting?  We have not done an ultrasound for over a month and he has never checked if I'm dilated either, so I don't know why we are waiting.  Has anyone ever gone into labor or had their water break with the stitch in?  Won't this tear my cervix if go into labor?  I am so grateful to be almost full term and feel awful for being upset, but I kind of wanted to let nature take its course after 36 weeks and now it seems that that won't happen.  I'm on my 3rd month of bed rest, so I'm pretty bored, getting pretty miserable and cranky I guess.  Thanks for letting me vent.   :'(


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Re: Cerclage Removal Questions
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2012 at 05:32 AM »
hey - sorry i'm not able to answer any of your questions but i'm sitting here wondering the same things??
this is my first cerclage so i really don't know what to expect if labor starts before the stitch is out!


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Re: Cerclage Removal Questions
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2012 at 08:31 AM »
Yes, yes yes. I have had my water break, labored to a 9 with the cerclage in place. It was not what they had planned, but it is how my delivery went down. We were 30 weeks when my water broke, so I was hospitalized on I.v. Antibiotics. After 6 days I weren't into labor in the middle the night, I did not tear or bleed, Just dilated to a 9, my doc walked in, checked me, and said its baby time. They gave me a quikie saddle block and I delivered in about 3 mins it was crazy crazy fast. Our son was born at 31 weeks, he had a 21 day stay in the NICU and is a perfect healthy 2.5 year old.
We are pregnant again with a cerclage in place, we are currently almost 35 weeks  :) my doc is not planning to remove my cerclage until 39 weeks. He said the baby is fine inside nd there is no reason (my health is not compromised etc.) to remove it. Moreover, I am fully effaced, he said when this stitch comes out, she comes out. He does not anticipate me going that long, but he said its ok to be greedy and buy this girl some time. I think it is the new trend to try to keep baby in until 39 weeks. It did freak me out when he said 39 weeks, when last time it was 37 weeks. Things can change a lot in 2 years.
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Re: Cerclage Removal Questions
« Reply #3 on: May 30, 2012 at 01:25 PM »
ATesdell- It sounds like you are not comfortable with what is being recommended. I don't think I would be either. Definitely ask those questions. Why are they planning a C-Section at 39 weeks? Why can't you be allowed to let nature take its course? There are so many unnecessary interventions these days. I have cerclage and am heading into 28 weeks, on bedrest since 13.5 weeks. My understanding is that it is to be removed around 36-37 weeks if I make it that far, but if I start contracting too strongly or sutures are getting tension, they will come out promptly. You do not want them tearing through your cervix.
It is your body, your pregnancy, your baby. Be assertive, be your own advocate. In human medicine you have to be. I know it can be intimidating and frustrating to get a doctor to talk to you and have those conversations, but you need answers. If dialogue has to be started with the nurse, so be it, but have the dialogue!
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