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Author Topic: Post Partum Rash  (Read 2984 times)


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Post Partum Rash
« on: June 29, 2012 at 06:35 PM »
Hello.  Just wondering if anyone has suffered from a post partum rash here.  I just gave birth to my twins 9 days ago and while i remember my skin on my belly being pretty itchy at the end, it was nothing compared to what it is now.  I developed quite a few stretch marks at the end of my pregnancy and now it seems that these stretch marks have become very red and inflamed.  They burn and itch intensely and so far I have not been able to find anything that has helped to relieve the itch.  I went to my GP yesterday and he took a quick look at them, told me they looked very itchy and painful (thanks!) and prescribed me a cortisone cream.  So far its not helping but I am sure i need to just give it time.  Today I developed an itchy blister like rash on my foot.  I am not sure if the two are related.  I feel like I am close to losing my mind with the intense itchiness.  I can't handle anything touching the skin on my belly - which is hard when you have 2 newborns to care for plus a two year old. 
Just wondering if anyone has had this, and if so - what did you do to relieve the itching????