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Another Happy Ending!
« on: October 14, 2009 at 05:06 PM »
OK... it's taken a week, but here is MY happy ending!  I started having pains around 6pm, called DH around 7, and he was on his way home. I called the dr when things were getting unbearable, but he NEVER called me back. Finally, after waiting 45 minutes, I couldn't stand it anymore and we left for the hospital. The ride there was PURE HELL. My contrax were non-stop, no breaks at all, and I started having a lot of rectal pressure - NOT a good sigh when you're NOT at the hospital yet! We got there, went in the ED and the nurses raced me to L&D. They checked me as soon as I got there and I was 8-9cm, fully effaced. I WANTED AN EPIDURAL. Everything was in my back and it was excruciating! They tried for 45 minutes, 14 separate pokes to get an IV started.... the whole time I was pretty hysterical. Every time I would find a decent position they would make me move... there were concerns about the baby's heartbeat. Finally the dr came in, broke my water and attached the electrode to Leah's head. I was so out of it, I didn't know this happened until after she was born! The OB also placed my IV, and they immediately got me the epidural. After that, I was a rational, sane person again. The doctor came back in a few minutes later and was going to check to see if I was at 10cm... No need to check. He lifted up the blanket and said "there's a head, let's have a baby!" I pushed for about 20 minutes, there were some problems getting her shoulders out, which got kind of intense, but soon Leah Susanne was here! She was 8lbs 14oz, born at 36weeks 2 days.  At a week old she's doing GREAT!

Recovery has been ok so far... I'm a little more sore than I was with my first (but this baby was also almost 3lbs bigger!), and it's harder to get my energy back, but I'll get there!