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Author Topic: it's nearly time for a party  (Read 1668 times)


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it's nearly time for a party
« on: August 03, 2012 at 12:07 PM »
6 more days and i will be in the "full term" range (37 weeks)
and while i'm still not 100% sure i'll make it those 6 days, i couldnt be happier to have come this far.
from an insane amount of bleeding at 14 contractions starting at 17 rounds  (and rounds) of steroid injections as soon as viability was ultrasounds...and more hospital rounds of bed rest...bed rest...and bed rest...
it CAN be done. no matter how bleak the outlook seems. no matter how many nights (or days) you want to break down CAN be done. it WILL be done. have faith mamas.
6 more days and i'm going to party!  ;D :D ;D :D
Lily Angelina -9-11-04 @37weeks induced(10weeks bedrest)
Angel baby- due  4-4-11, miscarriage at 8 weeks
Amelia Mae Rose -7-28-11 @36weeks came on her own!(20weeks bedrest)
Cain Arnold due 8-30-12, born on 8-8-12, 36.6 weeks
Jacob Henry due 9-11-16, born 7-14-16 at 31.4 weeks