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Author Topic: My story on bedrest with an incompetent cervix  (Read 3949 times)


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My story on bedrest with an incompetent cervix
« on: September 09, 2012 at 11:04 PM »
First of all I wish I would have came to this site more when I was on bedrest.I never posted anything now with what I have been through I want to give other ladies hope!  :) I had a cerclage placed at 17w 6days, the day after I found out I was having a little girl. I am 37years old and this was my 1st child. My doctor told me in 2001 that chances of having a child would be around 11%.  I sooooo wanted her and this pregnancy. I went into the hospital for a cerclage 2/7/2012 and wasn't released until 2/17/2012 because my cervical length was very low and it had funneling. When I was released my cervical length was 2.1. I was put on bedrest and was only allowed to go to the bathroom and shower. I went to the doctor's once a week after that and had an ultrasound everytime to check my cervical length. The 1st week in March my cervical length was 1.1mm and the doctor wanted to admit me in the hospital. We asked if we could go home to see if it would get better.He said that I had to return in 24 hours. On the way home from the hospital we got a call that my husbands father had passed away. When I returned the cervical length was 1.5mm. So he said we could continue bedrest at home that was March 6th. Then on March 13th during an ultrasound my cervical length was .85mm  I was 22w6d.My doctor told me he was admitting me in the hospital...I was a nervous wreck.....Scared ......Every emotion you could think of. At 1st I was on strict bed rest with a catheter. Then after  3 or 4 days they took the catheter out and I used a bed pan. I had no idea how long I was going to be in the hospital . After reading alot of stuff online I got scared . I wanted this so bad andfearedfor my baby and her life. After a few days they said I could go to the bathroom only and shower.  My husband was my rock. Every single day he drove an hour to come see me spend an hour or more with me then drive and hour back home everyday. Without him I would have went mental. At 23w6d I got my 1st bmz shot and the next day I got my 2nd bmz shot. I had my mom on the phone with me both times I sooo hate needles ...It burned even with the ice pack on the spot of injection 20 minutes prior. Everyday I would put a smiley face on a calendar another day she stayed in! Find a word and magazines where good to have at times. Did I tell yall I had to lay flat!!! It was sooooooo painful to lay flat . At 25w1d had ultrasound and cervical length was .80mm :-\, no improvement. So they informed me of my glucose test @ 26w.....I failed. So now I had gestational diabetes :(. I had to have a carb modified diet,medication and my blood checked 4 times a day ugh!!!! No matter what I did everything they said I wanted my lil girl. So at 28w had ultrasound and cervical length was 0. They also found a problem with my angels head one side of her brain had dialation. They said it was .11mm , omg something else to be scared of. So of course I go online and read up on Ventriculomegaly I freak out... however doctor said it was only .1mm over average. Still as a mother to be I worried. At 32 weeks they talked about letting me go well I had ultrasound at 32w1d and cervix still 0 dilation on baby's brain still there too. I asked if I could stay in the hospital. Way you may ask... I was terrified.... I lived an hour away. What if I went in to labor and was bleeding the cerclage tears etc.. Of course the horrors we fear. On May 30th  I was 34w and the doc said I could go also her dilation was gone, scared yes ready to go home yes! I didn't tell you yet that the nurses where my little angels!!! They were amazing and they helped me from going crazy.  I had a baby shower on June the 4th the doc said just to lay on the couch and I did that it was on a monday. Wednesday we are 35 weeks I had been home almost 1 whole week from the hospital. I had been going to the bathroom an awful lot even sent hubby to buy super pads just in case . Well now it's thurday june 7th and I can't get comfortable I'm going to the bathroom ALOT.... My hubby takes a nap ....I try to take a nap but I can't get comfortable and back is KILLING me!!!I go to the bathroom and I see pink. I freak out everything I read online popped in my head. I go back to the couch and lay down and I'm in major pain. I wake up hubby and then called doctor's office. I was having pains every 7 minutes. They started in the back at first. We got in the car and headed straight to the hospital after the nurse called us back. We arrived at the hospital at 5:30pm on 6/7/2012 at 8:45pm nurse tells me that my water had already broken. I had no idea... Looking back it must have on wed 6/6 when I sent hubby to store for super pads!!! They gave me and utrasound  and said the baby failed the ultrasound based on movement. I was then told I had to have an emergency c-section. I was 35w1d. My little girl was born 6/7 at 11:32pm ,she was sent to the nicu. She had an infection in her bloodstream due to an infection in my placenta. After 10 days she was released On fathers day! I never thought I would have this beautiful child. Ladies please do everything the doctor's tell you! I wish I had people to talk to when I was in the hospital & at home on bedrest. Now that I have been through it I want to be there for anyone that needs just to talk. Because I know what your feeling and what you are going through.......   I have a quote that was on my board in the hospital and I lived by it everyday...........""You don't know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have"""
Stay strong ladies!!
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