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Author Topic: Protect preemies from RSV by signing this online petition  (Read 3122 times)


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Protect preemies from RSV by signing this online petition
« on: September 24, 2012 at 12:34 PM »
URGENT: RSV is a small cold to most adults but can land a healthy newborn and especially a premature baby in the hospital. A drug called Synagis is on the market and all premature babies less than 35 weeks gestation used to qualify to receive these monthly injections from October to March in the first year of life. This was part of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) guidelines for many years.

But then all of that changed when the AAP backtracked on that decision in an attempt to take matters into their own hands. They have decided to go against the FDA label with its mandated prescription and limit Synagis dosing to specific groups of premature babies (specifically those between 32 and 35 weeks gestation), without proper clinically-based evidence to support this change.

What has resulted are parents taking their baby home from the hospital to fend for themselves with “lockdown” at home with no visitors and only hand-washing and hand-sanitizers in their germ warfare arsenal. There is a drug, (Synagis) but insurance companies listen to the AAP as their guideline for what is and what is not covered for these babies. In an era of skyrocketing premium increases, insurance companies feel the need to charge the average American more money yet stiff these babies from what they need to survive and lead a healthy life.

Thank you! And thanks Deb Discenza for raising our awareness about this!