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Author Topic: Threatened Miscarriage and Put on Bed Rest at 12 weeks  (Read 2045 times)


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Threatened Miscarriage and Put on Bed Rest at 12 weeks
« on: November 04, 2009 at 12:58 AM »
 :'( This is my first pregnancy. Like most families, my companion has been laid off so my income supports us right now. Unfortunately, I'm a public school teacher so I was denied state disability insurance. With the constant cuts in public school staff, I'm concerned over whether or not I'll have a position when I do return from having this baby. I guess I first need to survive 4 months without income. I'm only 18 weeks and my Doctor says  I can't return to work. I have a huge fibroid on the left side which is threatening to push the baby out. I had some episodes of bleeding during the first trimester. I had not had any bleeding or cramping since Sept. 25 (my last ER trip and my last day at work) until two days ago. Two days ago I started having sharp pains shooting through my belly. When I went to see the Doc today he said the pains were caused by the fibroid trying to push the baby out so he prescribed me some medication to prevent pre-term labor. I hate to take any medication while pregnant though but I will. The other concern on my mind is dealing with the loneliness. All my friends and family are busy working all day while I'm stuck at home. I watch a lot of television.  I work on my Mary Kay business but my companion leaves home by 7 and does not return until I'm sleep. He's got to study after class and he has a daughter he must raise. She can't stay here with us right now because of my condition so she's with her Grandma. This pregnancy has definitely been a challenge.