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Bed rest newbie
« on: November 16, 2009 at 07:28 PM »
Here's my short story.
I am currently at 25.4 weeks with my first pregnancy. I was put on bed rest a week ago at 24.4 due to spotting and dilation (1.5 cm). Apparently, I had been having mild contractions for a few days prior, but this being my first, I didn't know I was contracting! I am on nifedipine to stop the contractions and I go in tomorrow to have my cervix measured. Hoping for lots of length!!!
While I am new to pregnancy, I am not new to bed rest. My family supported my sister through 2 rounds of bed rest a few years ago, 10 days of hospital bed rest (son-born at 25 weeks, he's almost 6 now!) and 13 weeks of strict home bed rest (daughter- born full-term, she's almost 3 now). So, I kind of know what to expect.