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Author Topic: The KEC Forum needs your help  (Read 3225 times)


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The KEC Forum needs your help
« on: April 01, 2013 at 01:09 PM »
Keep 'Em Cookin' needs your help!

You may have noticed this forum has stopped operating consistently. Maybe you've tried to log on lately but couldn't. Or perhaps you've clicked on a post and received an error message. I launched the KEC Forum four and a half years ago, so in terms of technology the Forum's operating system is ancient. Along with the error messages, we have had to deal with spammers too.

So, even with my concerns about the cost of upgrading the Forum,  I'm moving forward with a full upgrade on Wednesday. Hopefully it will go smoothly and the KEC Forum will be back up on Thursday. This upgrade will be expensive. From my own pocket, I put thousands of dollars into KeepEmCookin each year. This upgrade is an additional, unplanned expense.

To make a donation toward the upgrade that will keep the KEC Forum alive, you can send money through PayPal. All you need is my PayPal-linked e-mail address, which is If you'd like to write a check to Keep 'Em Cookin' LLC, send me a private message at and I can give you the mailing address.

I can't imagine not having this forum as a place for high-risk moms to seek support, so I hope I can count on your help to keep it running!

My sincere gratitude,